Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 3

Hi Shanon!
The inspiration for this week's postcard is none other than you! Remember we talked about perfumes and how difficult it is to find the perfect one? Well, since I just got a really lovely one that makes me happy every time I spray it on, I thought: why not shoot it? :)

I bought it when we were wandering around the airport in Stockholm on our way to London in December. We had about 9 hours to spare so we visited every tax free store in the entire airport, hoping that time would pass faster. I walked around in a perfume store and sniffed aimlessly on different perfumes when a shop assistant asked me if I wanted some help. We hadn't actually planned to buy anything at that time, but she turned out to be absolutely amazing at picking out fragrances! First she helped me find this one, that I just loved instantly, and then she helped Martin find one that was perfect for him. The funny thing was that we happened upon her several hours later in another perfume store at the airport and she was as surprised as we were, we wondered if she worked there too and she wondered if we'd missed our flight, since we were still there so many hours later :) Anyway, I hope you're happy with the perfume you chose!

Have a lovely week!



Hello Moa!
Happy week three! It's only Tuesday here, but I'm already writing my postcard to you because yesterday was my birthday and there probably won't be anything this week more exciting than that. Hehehe
Here is a little snippet of birthday goodness: a lavender plant that I picked up for myself, a piece of the cake that Ben made for me, and a little moleskine notebook and pencil, all atop a decor magazine. A flower shop, a bookstore, out for dinner, and homemade cake from my honey... needless to say, my birthday was filled with many of my favorite things. It was a really nice day. And I'm so glad I can share it with you through this "postcard." I hope your week was just as swell! =)



  1. Hello to both of you! This is my first time here - came from Shanon's flickr stream and I love it! It is truly a fabulous project and I can't wait to see more of it:)
    Wishing you a beautiful new year with lots of inspiration! xoxo

    p.s. Happy Birthday, Shanon! :)

  2. Oh, I'm so glad that you like it iva! Have a great day and a happy new year! :)

  3. Oh, thanks so much Iva! I'm so glad you came over. =) And thank you for the birthday wishes! xoxo to you!

  4. What a lovely project you have started! Your pictures are so beautiful and personal and I enjoyed reading your little stories.

    Moa - totally agree about picking parfumes.
    Shanon - happy late birthday!

  5. Thanks a lot for the sweet words, Karin! :)

  6. This idea is so much fun!!

    Happy b-day Shanon xxx

  7. Awwh, thank you Karin! =)
    Thanks so much Kristy!