Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4

Hello Shanon!
I hope all is well with you and that you have recovered from all your birthday excitement :)
A thought struck me just now: this is the last postcard in January, and I can't tell you how happy that makes me! I think January is probably the worst month of the year (ok, maybe it's a tie with November), it feels so long, dark and cold. February is also very winter-like, but at least you can usually start feeling the smell of spring by the end of it. I'm so longing for that lovely sound of snow melting and dripping along the roofs... Right now I need some more tulips to tide me over! Another thing that makes cold evenings more cozy are waffles! This Friday we made lots of waffles for dinner and ate them with homemade jam and vanilla ice-cream while watching a movie. That's probably the most perfect comfort food ever :)
Hope you'll have a lovely week!



Hi Moa!
I hope your week was good.
Can you believe we are already done with the first month of our postcards project? It's been so fun so far! =) I spent my week doing so many household chores that I probably could have shot a sponge and summed up the week. But that wouldn't do! My postcard is instead from the National Pond Hockey Championships that are held every year on the lake near our house. This was actually the first year I went because it's been amazingly cold in the past. 30 below zero kind of freezing! It wasn't that bad this year-- thankfully! There are 251 teams that play on 25 rinks across the lake. I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but it was fun to finally go. Now that I'm back inside however, just thinking about it makes me want some hot chocolate!
It's a good thing we went the day we did, the next two days it rained! RAINED. In Minnesota. In January. Crazy.


  1. I want to pour syrup on my monitor and grab a fork! =)

  2. Haha, I've actually never had syrup with waffles or pancakes... I'll have to try that some time :)

  3. It must be an American thing? I've actually never had jam on toast, even though my husband likes it. It's funny the things we don't eat, really for no reason.

  4. You both have captured the best of January (I don't like the month so much either) - winter outdoor fun and having something good to eat afterwards. :) I'm looking forward to see what February might bring here. xo

  5. Shanon: Yes, I guess it's just what you're used to, and also a cultural thing. I never eat jam on toast either, just marmelade every now and then :)

    Karin: Thanks so much! :)

  6. Karin, something good to eat afterward might be the most important part. ; )

  7. Cute- I love this whole postcard concept you came up with...

  8. Thanks Lori, I'm glad you enjoy it :)