Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 5

Hello girl!
I'm writing to you from a snow covered country. This last week we've had snow, snow storms, more snow and then some more storms :)
Usually the snow isn't really a problem, but this Wednesday I could hardly get home from work because the car got stuck in all the snow. Luckily I had some great co-workers who helped me out. As I drove in to our parking lot I got stuck again and blocked the way for a neighbour who then also got stuck in the snow. Other neighbours followed and in the end we were five people who helped each other to shovel the snow (which blew right back due to the storm) and push the cars in the right directions. At first I was kind of annoyed at the whole situation but after a while I tried to see the fun in it. It was nice also to talk to some of the neighbours that I hadn't seen before. Usually we just say hello when we pass each other in the elevator, but now we got a chance to socialize (and work out!) a bit more :)
None of this has anything to do with tulips of course, except that they are my cure for cold winter days. The more snow that whirls around outside the window, the more I enjoy my spring-like and happy tulips :)

I hope you'll have a great week!



Ps. Yesterday I saw a movie with Renee Zellweger that took place in a snowy little town in Minnesota, and then I thought of you :)

Hi there dear Moa!
This was a very hard week for my family. As you know, my brother and sister-in-law's baby died shortly after she was born. It was a cold week, with lots of sadness. At first I didn't know how I was going to go about doing this postcard to you. I also didn't know how much I would share here. But the thing is, it is life. The good and the bad, the wonderful and the devastating are all apart of life. I didn't know and still don't know where 2010 will lead, but the best I can do is look for the moments that are beautiful, that are kind, that are quiet, and that are happy. Even in the saddest times they can be found. Family is beautiful, hugs are kind, just standing together is quiet, and sharing a laugh is happy. Saturday was full of all of those things. And Saturday began with this gorgeous pattern of frost on the windows in my bedroom at my parents' house. Now I am wishing for peace and comfort to get everyone, especially my brother and sister-in-law, through their heartache.

Thank you my friend, for being apart of this project with me. I especially needed it this week.




  1. Guess what Moa... It's snowing here right now. =)

  2. Haha, it's snowed here today too and Martin said he'd heard that more is coming. Tomorrow I'll go out on our parking lot and try to shoot those gigantic mountains of snow that are everywhere, they have to be seen to be believed :)

  3. Sounds like we will be having a similar week. I can't wait to see those "snow mountains" because just the thought of them is cracking me up!

  4. This is a great idea, I love following your cards! :)

  5. The orange tulips are beautiful Moa and so too are the frost patterns Shanon.
    Family is beautiful too like you say and hugs that are full of warm kindness really help. I send you one here"O"
    it's hard to kno how to use blogging in tougher times isn't. hope you found it a bit of help to do hun
    take care in the snow both of you
    kat xox

  6. Thank you Gudny!

    Awwh, thank you Kat. I thought and thought about what I would say here, but in the end, I knew for me I had to share what happened. I couldn't pretend that it didn't. I know that for some people keeping it to themselves is the right thing. Everyone has to do what is right for themselves. For me, it was to share it. That's all I know. xoxo to you too.