Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 6

Hello Shanon!
I snapped the photo for this week's postcard in a tiny tiny village called Olofsfors, which means Olof's whitewater (yes, I had to look up that last part). My dad was visiting over the day and we decided to take a little trip to this historical place. There used to be some sort of facility for working with iron there and in the old days many people worked there and I'm sure that the place was more buzzing than now. It was a beautiful day: the sun was shining and there was newly fallen, untouched snow everywhere. Still, there was something a bit sad about the place. I kept imagining how it must have been before, with lots of people going about their business - now we hardly saw a soul, except for the occasional car driving through the village. It just makes me a bit melancholic to imagine all the places around this country (and in other countries too, I'm sure) that are slowly being abandoned for the cities. It makes me want to move someplace outside of the town to a small cozy village where everyone knows everyone and you leave your door unlocked at all times (kind of like Stars Hollow now that I think about it), and then I want to live there forever to make sure that the place will remain alive. It might not be a completely rational thought, but that's how those tiny places make me feel.
The house in the photo was one that we walked by. And since this is a postcard from Sweden, the house must of course be red with white trims! :)
Hope you'll have a lovely week, my friend!

Hello Moa!
And happy week six. =) It was a pleasant week here. Lots of pretty days of snow falling. This usually happens. I get to the point where I hate the snow, then come back full circle and love it again. I love the feeling of being inside a snow globe that has been gently shook. I like knowing that I don't have to weed a garden and I like not having the pressure of "I really should get out and enjoy this hot weather even though it's too hot and I don't want to get all sweaty." Yes, I talk to myself in my head like that. =)
This week the paperwhites that I bought as bulbs back in week three have been blooming. They are two feet tall in our kitchen window and making the whole house smell like flowers. Can you believe that Ben actually thinks that they stink? To me, they've made a world of difference, and are probably the reason why I can enjoy the snow falling outside again.
I also got my sewing machine out this week and made some bunting. It's yellow, and hanging in the window above the paperwhites. It's so cheery and happy. I've already made some more. I want to hang it everywhere because it makes me soul smile. Although, now looking at the yellow one in this postcard, it reminds me of slices of cheese! Haha Well, I suppose that's smile inducing too!
I hope your first week of February was lovely.


  1. I love your photo for this week and I just wanted to say that your bunting looks nothing like cheese - just bright and cheery bunting :)

  2. Ps. Such a good idea to "bunt up" your house, there is just nothing as cheerful as bunting. I made some for our wedding out of paper that I still haven't blogged, might just have to do that some day :)

  3. Hahaha, thanks Moa! I don't think it looks like cheese in the window in person, but I can't help but think it here. =) And now I will think of the words "bunt up" my house. And I think I will! lol

  4. So it was snow both in Sweden and US this week. :) I have the same double feeling about it!

    What a wonderful picture of the paper whites. I would not say that they stink but they have a strong fragrance (I'm sadly allergic to it). Cute buntings!

  5. Has it been snowy in your part of the world too Karin? Thank you for the compliments on my paperwhites. I'm quite proud of them, even though they were the most uncomplicated thing I've grown in my whole life. =)