Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 7

Hello Shanon!
This week's postcard has a romantic theme since it's Valentine's day today. In Sweden it's called "Alla hjärtans dag", which means something like The day of all hearts in English. I got a huge bouquet of gorgeous roses from my husband as a Valentine's gift. Not only do roses look great, smell good and make your home feel extra pretty - they're perfect to take photos of too! I've shot these poor flowers from every possible angle and against all kinds of backgrounds and light :) My motto is: shoot them while they're alive, which might sound a bit contradictive if you don't think about it from a photographer's point of view :)

To my enormous joy the light is really starting to return to this part of the world. For several days the sun has been shining into our apartment and that warm sunlight makes me happy every single day. It's just amazing how it fills every dark corner - not to mention how it exposes previously hidden dust collections, but that's another story...

I hope you'll have a great week!



Hiya Moa!
I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day yesterday! Even though I was surprised with chocolates and tulips, I had already decided on my postcard for you because I had spent almost every day at the Pilney Building in St. Paul (which is right east of Minneapolis, across the Mississippi river, and is why we are known as the Twin Cities). It's strange how I normally shoot flowers, or close up details of fashion and home life, but when it comes to this postcard project I've already shot several buildings. I find it so crazy! But I suppose my daily life actually consists more of buildings, structures, and events, more then it revolves around flowers (but just wait until summer! haha) so it's been nice to document them.
I was in the Pilney Building so much last week because some of my photography was shown as part of a collective of artists. It was really fun to help set up my work, and to be there to mingle with shoppers and other vendors/artists/crafters. The Pilney Building was built in 1913 and the architecture is very Flatiron, like the famous Flatiron (or Fuller) Building in New York. Pilney was actually the name of the grocery store and butcher shop that was in the building for most of it's history. There are high stamped tin ceiling and it just has that full of life feeling inside, like the quality a grocery store has. Very homey and comforting. The feeling that reminds me of shopping for groceries with my mom when I was little, in small hometown grocery stores, not big chain places with very little soul.
I hope you are well and I look forward to another week of postcards with you!


  1. I imagine you with an armful of roses. Heaven!

  2. Mm, indeed... I constantly stick my nose in the bouquet to take a sniff :)

  3. Lovely roses Moa!

    That collective sounds like much fun. :) Happy late Valentine's day to both of you!

  4. i LOVE the way you captured the pilney, shanon! so so lovely, and almost haunting at the same time. i think it's all that history coming through!

    and such beautiful roses, moa...i can almost smell them! ;)

  5. Hiya Kitty! How ARE you! I'm so pleased you like the way I processed it, since you've seen it in person. ; )