Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 53 {The End}

Hi Shanon!
Happy New Year! Can you believe it's already been a year since we started our project? I can honestly say that I feel like last January was only a couple of months ago :)

So over to this week :) I got a head cold that started last Saturday and it's still with me more than a week later. I haven't been deadly ill but you know how it can be with a cold, you're not really up for much. We've spent most of this week in Falun with my mom and her husband, part of the time my sister and her husband was there too, which was also nice. Luckily for me and my cold we had some lazy days with them, we mainly watched movies, took walks and just relaxed. On Friday we cooked some great food (that I sadly couldn't feel any taste of due to the head cold) and struggled to stay up until midnight :) On New Year's Day we drove the long way home through newly fallen snow and were surprised at how alone we were on the roads. We stopped at an almost empty McDonald's to eat lunch and discovered that even the IKEA next door was closed, which was shocking to me - I didn't think they were ever completely closed :) It just made me feel like we were the only people out and about.

My photo for you this week is of my mom's chrystal chandelier, since I know you like chandeliers as much as I do :) I started taking photos of the prisms when the sunlight shone through them in a beautiful way, which made my mom jump up and start talking about cleaning it :) We spent some time searching for the chandelier spray and then she sprayed it while I held a big umbrella underneath it so the detergent wouldn't run all over the place :) It was just a bit of a funny picture, so now you know the behind the scenes work that went into this photo :)

This year full of postcards have been such a great project to share with you, I'm so glad you asked me to participate! It has taught me that every day has a photography in it, even if I only sit in the sofa with a book and a cup of tea - and that's a lucky thing since many of my days off are spent in that fashion :) So once again thank you!

Lots of love to you.



Hello dear Moa and welcome to 2011!
If I had a bucket of confetti I'd toss it high in the air. =) WE MADE IT! YAY!!!!!

Getting right down to the business of this week, Ben and I are both sick with colds. Of course! Haha I spent the week alternating between blowing my nose, trying to clean up, and unpacking all the stuff that made it back to our house after being out of town at our families for Christmas. Unpacking a suitcase is one of my least favorite things, and it sits at the end of the bed for as long as we can possibly stand it.

Being sick, as well as having one of us pregnant, made for a very low key New Year's Eve. I sat on the couch under blankets, trying to stay awake til midnight, watching a ridiculous show on Bravo called Watch What Happens, which is a "talk show" that focuses on all the reality tv that airs on that channel. Super exciting times! Haha Even more exciting was the fact that Ben hung out in the basement playing computer games. It was a wild house around here! ; )
New Year's Day we did force ourselves to get out and take a trip to Ikea (yum, meatballs!). It was freezing cold which made us laugh the whole time. We also hit up a store for our laundry room tiles, which is where I picked up this African Violet. It's probably very appropriate that I end our project with some sort of flower-- we have such a soft spot for them!
I'm going to blog about this project coming to an end, and I have to say, I got quite sentimental thinking back over the year. THANK YOU so very much for undertaking this with me. I bet there were weeks where it was hard to fit it in, and maybe there were weeks like here, where it was hard to find anything close to lovely to document. But WE DID IT and I adore all of our postcards. It's been so neat to follow what you've been up to in Sweden. You have some of the prettiest light ever, and I'm so jealous of your baking skills and the fresh flowers you find. =)
It's been a real pleasure.
Best wishes in 2011! I'm going to miss your photos in my inbox each Monday, so don't ever stop shooting. You are the best!
And I just might send you a postcard every now and then for old times sake. ; )

Your postcard pal,


  1. Oh, I love how similar our last postcard week seems to have been. Minus a pregnancy both Martin and I had colds and hung out in the sofa a lot, barely making it until midnight on New Year's Eve. Your IKEA was open however, whereas I wanted to pop in when we passed one but couldn't :)

    I'm really going to miss our project too, your shots are the sweetest! I think we should definitely send each other a postcard every now and then for old times sake :) I'm going to follow your example and make a little cavalcade of my fave postcard weeks :) It'll be fun to see if we have the same faves :)

  2. Haha, we had nearly identical weekends and definitely shot with each other in mind. =)

    Won't it be strange this week not looking for "the postcard shot"? I think this year I'm going to try to take more candid public shots out and about, since I mostly shoot staged items in a certain style. We'll see how that goes! ; )

  3. I enjoyed checking out your postcards every now and then. It's such a lovely idea and thank you for sharing them with us! :) Sorry to hear that both of you started 2011 being sick (hope you feel better)! Happy New Year!

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet words Karin! Happy New Year! :)