Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 52-- one postcard left!

Hello Shanon!
How was your Christmas? I really hope you had a wonderful time. I feel like this last week has consisted of at least ten days, last Monday just feels like it was so long ago :) My Christmas holiday started on Tuesday afternoon and I had two days to make the last preparations. I baked a huge batch of "lussekatter" (lucia cats), saffron buns shaped like cats (or actually 8's) and I also made "knäck" which is a sort of toffee made from cream, sugar and syrup that boils forever on the stove. I always love those days just before Christmas when the air is filled with expectations of what's to come.

We spent Christmas Eve (which is the big day over here) at Martin's sisters place. Almost his entire immediate family was there, so we were around 11 grownups and 4 children. We had a very nice time, eating lots and lots of Christmas food and relaxing in front of the fire, talking and eating nuts and marshmallow santa clauses. They live about a 30 minute drive from town and all along the road there was lots of snow and pretty red, snowcovered houses with fairy lights. I just know you'd love it if you saw it :) All in all it's been a very nice Christmas with lots of hanging out time with Martin's family, but also lots of time in the sofa with a cup of tea, a movie and my knitting. Now I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve when we're going to my mum's place. I'll see you in the new year! :)



PS. My postcard this week is of our pretty amaryllis. Martin bought two for me but this is the only one that's bloomed so far. I like that it looks like a peppermint stick :)

Hello Moa and Merry Christmas!
Christmas week came and went so fast this year! Next year I vow to get my shopping done in November and I also vow to BUY my baked goods. I spent too many days searching for the right gifts and ruining never-attempted-before recipes, that all of a sudden "BAM!" it was Christmas. I did enjoy the crafting that I undertook, so I think I'll bring that forward into next year. I already have plans for Christmas stockings. I can't wait for that. =)

So, anyhow. Let's get to the lowdown of the week. On Wednesday we hung the pantry shelves in the almost completed laundry room. It's been fun to see that come together. Thursday we headed out of town and straight to a restaurant to spend time with two of my girlfriends that I've known since grade school and high school respectively. We may live a distance from each other, but our parents are still live in the same houses we grew up in, so when we go back to see them it's easy to see each other. They gave me lots of pregnancy advice. Priceless!

Christmas eve was spent at my parents (where I took the photo for my postcard) and we went to Christmas eve mass together, ate, opened presents, watched movies, and played games. The next day we pretty much repeated the same thing at Ben's parents, only this time minus the mass and add staying up until 2:30 in the morning catching up with his sister. =)

My postcard gives a hint of the icicles hanging from the roof of my parents house which you can see through the upstairs windows. It was such a winter fairyland looking out into the backyard. There was a branch sticking up from under all the heavy snow covering a bush, and 5 little fat brown birds
perched on it. If only I would have caught that! But you can imagine how sweet it looked. ; )

Til next week, and our very last postcard of this project. It's been a treat! See you then!


  1. You sound like such a good baker, that I bet it's fun and relaxing for you! =) Sounds good!

    I love your amaryllis. I bought a bulb a few weeks ago, back during my vintage bike postcard. It's only a few inches tall at this point, but I'm excited about it. It's making me think of getting some paperwhites soon!

    That drive sounds beautiful. I need to get to Sweden some day. =)

  2. Haha, I don't know about being a good baker but I make it work somehow. I was completely exhausted after I was done though, I always have these bright ideas about making double batches. It always seems like a good idea before I start and afterwards I think to myself "NEVER again!" :)

    I think it sounds like you had such sweet Christmas days! I love your description of the birds, it sounds just adorable :)