Monday, December 20, 2010

Week 51

Hello Shanon!
How are you doing over in Minnesota? Here in Sweden we're drowning in snow, all you read about in the news is that there is snow and chaos everywhere. Planes and trains don't go anywhere and there are cars in every ditch (at least if you read the newspapers!). I feel like I've hardly had time to notice the snow since I've been so busy. The weeks just before Christmas are always super busy when you're a teacher, but I'm glad the end of the semester is almost here. On Tuesday afternoon my holiday begins and I'm SOO looking forward to it :)

Other than work related stuff I haven't had time to do all that much. I got my hair cut for the first time in about 7 months, which felt great. I'm waiting for it to grow out so I've postponed going to the hairdresser but now it was way overdue. The funny thing is that when it was just cut it looked so long and I was so happy about it, but since it's been trimmed and gotten lighter my curls have become even curlier so now it looks very much shorter although my hairdresser hardly cut off anything from the length. Such is the curse of curly hair... As you can tell, not much of substance happened this week, since all I have to talk about is my haircut :)

I hope your Christmas will be cozy and warm and that you'll enjoy lots of fun times with family and friends! Merry Christmas! :)



Hello Moa!
Week 51 and the holiday crunch is on here. My to-do list every day seems to get larger instead of smaller. Things come up and things I need to do get pushed to the next day and the next day. It's so stressful! I still have half my Christmas shopping left! ARGH!
But if you remember, I said awhile ago that I was working on a crafting project involving felt. (I think I mentioned it?) Well, I finally got it done this weekend. It uses 4 of these felt flowers. I've made so many that I have lots left over to use on something for myself, which was what I had planned for them in the first place. A wreath for our entry. I suppose I'll get on that after Christmas. ; )
Other than that, the other exciting news this week is that Ben and his dad put up the wall for our laundry room and I'm so excited! It's white beadboard and looks really fresh and clean. We picked out all the white shelving, and need to narrow down the tile for the floor. I really can't wait. I think it's a female thing, but I'm incredibly excited for a nice laundry room! (I don't think the guys get it. But then again, I don't get computer games/equipment, and big ugly tv stuff.)
Now on to week 52, and Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful week to look forward to, full of everything you hold dear. I'll see you soon with our 2nd to last postcards!


  1. Haha, Moa, I got my haircut this week too! After even longer than your seven months! =) I don't care for it much right now either, but it always goes that way at first.
    And as I write this comment, we are having another dumping of snow. It has slowed traffic down a ton today, so I've gotten nothing accomplished (besides going to the dentist) that I meant to do while I was out. So I STILL have 1/2 my Christmas list of shopping to do! Eeep! =) We have an incredible amount of snow right now in Minneapolis. In fact, a week or two ago we had so much fall that it collapsed the dome roof where our professional football team plays. They haven't been able to fix it, so tonight they are actually going to be playing outdoors in the stadium that our college team plays at, which was all shut down and is not exactly equipped for winter play. It should be interesting!

  2. Oh, such pretty flowers! I love white on white... I'm sure that wreath you're talking about will look fab!

    It seems like things are pretty much the same over at your place then with lots and lots of snow :)