Monday, December 6, 2010

Week 49

Hello Shanon!
I just realized that it's actually week 49 now! Time has flown so fast these last few months and I'm really behind in my mental calendar and I didn't realize until now that there are only a few postcards left. I just can't believe that we've done this for almost a year! It's been such a fun project to share with you :)
Well, over to my postcard for the week. My photo this week shows the paper star that hangs in the window of my sister's and her husband's apartment. We went to see them this weekend and it was so nice. They live about three hours away by car, which is too far away in my opinion but still manageable. We live almost at the coast and they live about 250 kilometres to the west, which is what we call the midland. Even though we live on about the same latitude the temperature dropped considerably the further to the west that we drove. In Umeå it was about -5C and when we arrived at their place it was about -23C (which is about -10F). All the trees were covered in a thick layer of sparkly frost and it was all just so beautiful.
On Saturday we had a very relaxing day and we made a nice little excursion to a nearby village. First we visited a second hand shop where I bought some vintage books with the coolest covers. I actually only considered the cover when I picked my books, I think I'll use them in some future project. They were really cheap too, a whole shopping bag full for only 10 Swedish crowns, which is about $1.50. After that we went to the most lovely place ever - and I didn't have my camera! Can you believe it, the one time I really wanted it I didn't have it. The place was a super pretty little coffee shop run by a very nice lady. She'd decorated the cafe in a gorgeous and airy Scandinavian country style and she had the most creative Christmas decorations. On the walls she had her own paintings, which were also for sale. All the delicious pastries were baked by her that same morning. I took some shots with Martin's mobile phone camera but that can't compare to shots taken with my camera so they really don't help much. We'll just have to go back there some other time and then I will most definitely bring my camera!
Hope you'll have a lovely week my friend!

Hello Moa!
I hope your week was wonderful! Week 49. Wow! Isn't it fun that the end of the project coincides with the holidays, so that our postcards can be very very festive? Almost like celebrating our project as well as Christmas, etc. as we come to the conclusion. Very cool.
I've been making lists of things I need to accomplish before March, as well as things I want to do and make for the holidays. This past week I picked up lots of good smelling candles, put ALL our decorations out- including my mercury glass pine trees, sparkly silver reindeer, nativity set (from my grandma), and every single decoration we have went on the tree. Last year we only put up a tree with lights. We didn't decorate it at all.
I've been marking recipes that I want to try and I've also started a craft project with felt. I'm hoping to make these wintery looking flowers, and I will probably put them on a bare wreath that we have. I also have other big ideas for them, but we'll have to see if I'm actually as crafty as I think I am. ; )
On Saturday we drove out to the country to my grandparents house, where my side of the family was having our Christmas party. (My grandparents leave for Arizona for the winter, so we have to do it earlier than normal, which I'm not really in favor of. I prefer to do it on the actual holiday, but I don't get a say. haha) I had planned on taking photos around the farm, but it was extremely cold. So I found a comfy chair to sit in and chat with my aunts and cousins all afternoon. Of course I did get up occasionally to fill my plate with food!
My postcard is from Sunday, however. While Ben and a friend of his were doing more work on our basement, the wife and I went out for lunch and shopping! We always have such a good time. What made it even better was that we went to Bachman's, which is a huge garden center, as well as a home decor store. So we explored thousands of ornaments and Christmas decorations, and just so many other fun things. Out in the greenhouse they had a Roadmaster bike displayed amongst the poinsettias. As soon as she pointed it out to me, I knew it would be my postcard to you!


  1. Haha, I love that we both began our postcards with thoughts about the fast approaching end of the year/project :)

    Such a fab arrangement with a cool bike amongst the poinsettas! In Sweden we call those flowers Christmas stars, which I think is quite pretty :)

    I can't wait to see some more from all your craftiness :)

  2. I just LOVE that you call them Christmas stars. That is a way better name. So sweet!