Monday, July 12, 2010

Week 28

Hi Shanon!
Happy week 28! I hope you're having a lovely summer so far. We left my mother's place on Tuesday, spent Wednesday and Thursday doing laundry plus organizing stuff in our apartment. On the way home from mom we stopped at IKEA and bought a whole lot of things. Martin said before that his goal was that we would be out of there within an hour and that we should spend less than a thousand Swedish crowns, which is about $130. None of that happened, we spent more than two hours there and bought a lot more stuff than we had planned. But all of it were good and needed things, that's the story I'm sticking to :) Among other things we bought a long pile rug, which is really cozy and I love burrowing my toes in it :)

On Friday we went to my dad's place. Since we got here we've had really lovely summer weather. Today we visited a fort in a neighbour town, which was very interesting. Afterwards we went to a super cozy coffee shop in the middle of nowhere. It was such a lovely place, like a big garden with a blossoming meadow right by. My postcard for this week shows a dessert we ate earlier this evening, it's a raspberry fromage cake that was super yummy. I love how deliciously pink it is too :) Tomorrow I'm looking forward to a picnic by the sea, if the weather allows it - I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Hope you'll have a lovely week!



Hi there Moa!
I hope you had a pleasant summer week in Sweden. We've been having rain, followed by sun, followed by rain, followed by sun. The result is that my flowerbeds are bursting. I thought I'd better finally share a shot of them for my postcard. Well, that and I worked a lot during the week, so I don't have much else exciting to share. ; )
I've been really happy that my red echinacea and white phlox are blooming. The red echinacea is named Tomato Soup, which makes me laugh. I planted it last fall, so it's the first time I've gotten to see it in full bloom. It's a really deep bright red, completely unlike the pink echinacea that is so common.
I'm especially excited about the phlox because it is very fragrant, and I love the scent. You can smell it from around the corner! I'm also happy because last year I planted some zinnia seeds near it, which grew taller than I though, and crowded out the plant, so I didn't get to enjoy as much. It was hard to find it in there!
We sat in the backyard this week and planned where to put in another flowerbed this fall, as well as which plants will need dividing. It's hard to imagine that when we moved in there were zero flowerbeds here. I wish I could invite you over for lazy afternoon of chatting and shooting flowers! =)
Wishing you another great week!


  1. Oh, how fun to see more of your garden! It's such a lovely colour explosion over there! :) Your suggestion to come over and just enjoy your company and your garden sounds lovely, it's a shame that they haven't invented the molecular transport device yet :)

  2. That ALWAYS happens to me when I go there. Always. That's why I can't even go with Ben, I think he'd blow a gasket. =)

    Raspberry dessert and a trip to the beach? What a charmed life. =)

  3. Moa: Airplanes are actually a such invention... ;)

  4. Haha, yes but the molecular transport device I'm talking about is fast and free :) More Star trek than endless hours on a boring airplane :)