Monday, July 26, 2010

Week 30

Hi there Shanon!
How are things with you? I'm hoping you're having a great summer. Here in Sweden we've had really amazing weather so far. It's just this past week where the skies have been increasingly cloudy and yesterday we had lots and lots of rain. However it's supposed to get better in just a day or two so I'm not too concerned about that :)

This was one of those weeks where I had to really concentrate to remember what we've been doing, the days have gotten so blurred together :) It's been a really nice week though, no hanging out at the beach (unfortunately) but we've seen lots of friends and that's great too. On Tuesday evening I had a very good friend over for a visit, which was so much fun. We drank tea and watched The Midsomer Murders, I don't know if it's airing in the US but it's a British series of crime movies that airs every summer in Sweden and it's very popular. The last couple of weeks I've watched that show on Tuesday evenings and then Miss Marple has aired on Wednesdays, so it's been a good summer for those of us who love cozy detective stories :)

Another thing that we've been doing this week is making lattes at home. We usually drink coffee after lunch, made with newly ground beans, but now Martin had bought some espresso beans so we tried them as well. It's so delicious, especially accompanied by dark chocolate... Yum! I'm making myself long for a latte just by writing about it, haha :)

I hope you have a great week!



Hello Dear Moa!
I hope you had a splendid week. =)

I did something a little abnormal, but totally necessary. I took off work to drive out of the cities to see my grandma and her sisters. We had a picnic at the lake where my grandma has a huge camper. I don't know if they are popular in Sweden, but campsites in Minnesota are filled with "5th wheel" campers that are like mobile homes!
My brother and his wife, my mom and dad, two of my aunts, and some cousins were also there. But the guests of honor were my two great aunts, Rosie and Mary. Rosie lives with my great uncle in California and we spent many times with them when we lived in Monterey. I learned to use chopsticks with her family one night. When I think of Mary, I think the house she and her husband lived in when I was young. It was the fanciest house I had ever seen, with a path leading down to a pool that was inside a structure that seemed like a greenhouse.
While I was home my grandma had me pick out a silver and turquoise bracelet she had made. Her inspiration was Arizona, where she lives with my grandpa during the winter. She's always making something. I think I get that from her!

We ate lots of food, drank some wine, and just generally loved each other up! =) I turned out to be the last one to leave because I just wanted to soak up as much of them as I could. It was splendid. And before the sun set, I trekked to the entry of the campground to get this shot for you. A canoe full of flowers? But of course! =)
Looking forward to your postcard and hope your summer is going swell.



  1. Haha, I love the canoe with flowers in it! And that sign feels very American, just like in cartoons when someone is at Yellowstone park or something like that :)

    It sounds like you had a great time with your relatives, that picnic sounds so cozy!

  2. So many of my weeks go just like that, where I can't remember what day anything happened, or even if it was in the right week when I'm writing your postcard!

    I've never heard of either of those shows, but that's not to say that someone here wouldn't watch them on some BBC channel. I DO however watch the UK's Big Brother and I'm completely addicted to it. So much so that I don't ever watch the U.S. version anymore.

    Gosh, if someone made lattes for me in our house, I'd never have to leave! =) Sounds really nice.

  3. Moa, I'm so glad you enjoyed the sign. I was thinking about how they are so boring and standard here, but that you'd maybe like to see it, because I've LOVED whenever you've posted photos of Swedish signs.

    Maybe I'll have to do it again sometime. ; )

  4. It's always fun to see things from another country, no matter how standard they might seem :)

  5. Just came across this..what a cool thing! :)


  6. Hi,
    So you like Gilmore Girls too :)