Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 31

Hi Shanon!
I hope you're doing great over in Minnesota! This week I actually had difficulty choosing what postcard to send you, since we've done so many fun things :) That's a luxurious problem though, don't you agree? :) In the end I decided to send you this one of a bowl full of red currant. Martin and I were heading home from our closest little grocery store the other night when I discovered that we have bushes of red currant on the common of our housing cooperative. Since we own our apartment I figured we owned part of the bushes too, so we rushed up and got a bowl and some scissors. In about 10 minutes we had picked berries enough to fill the entire bowl, and I was really happy about that since I love red currant. Martin spotted a bush of white currant as well, and while I removed all the twigs and such he went out and picked a little bowl full of that. Red and white currant reminds me so much of my late grandparents' place. We used to visit them in the summer when I was a kid and they had several bushes of red, white and black currant. My sister and I used to pick berries and eat straight from the bush and I thought it tasted so good (only the red and white though, I don't like eating the black ones "raw"). My grandmother had a horseshoe-shaped flowerbed filled with lots of pretty flowers and I think that's where my love for peonies began... :)

Some of the other things we've been doing this week is playing with a lovely puppy and going out by boat to a very pretty island in the archipelago, but I'll tell you more about that some other time :)

Have a great week!



Hi Moa!
I'm writing this postcard in a sleepy haze after the art festival this past weekend. I spent all last week in mad preparation for an art show/music festival in a park here in Minneapolis. It was in a neat neighborhood full of great brick buildings and loaded with trees. I always over prepare, and have way more than I need of everything. That even includes the drinks and food I stashed in a cooler to get my through the two days!

Thankfully it was only a tad hot, but no rain! Our tables were under a tent, but our chairs didn't quite fit, so we hung out behind it on a big rug with pink folding chairs. I moved my chair around all afternoon trying to keep myself in the pieces of shade from the trees. =)

I had to get a shot of the bunting I used to decorate our tent. The trees supplied great bokeh for you in the background, and the blue structure coming up from the bottom is actually the tops of a playground that was behind us. We were entertained by little kids all weekend. There was one little girl in a bumble bee dress. You would have loved it! I wish I could have snapped a shot of that. =)

As we say good bye to July, I'm wishing you a happy August!


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