Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 32

Hello Shanon!
I had the exact same feeling as last week when I was sitting down to write this postcard: what on earth have I been doing this week?! After thinking about it I've been able to recall a few things, but somehow the days have just flown into eachother :)

After a few days of rainy weather we had some sunshine on Thursday and we decided to hit the beach. We drove off to a beach that is about a 30 minute drive away from our home. Last time we went there the whole place was covered in a thick fog when we arrived and we had to turn the car around and go someplace else (losing lots of valuable tanning/bathing time!). This time we had been there for an hour or two when the exact same thing happened. I got very annoyed and decided never to go back to this particular beach, even though it was a very cozy place. On the way home we stopped at a lake, but it just wasn't warm enough to be a perfect beach-day so we went home instead.

I'm beginning to feel that there won't be anymore lazy days at the beach this summer. I always feel a bit melancholy at the end of summer when the weather gets a bit cooler and school and work starts up again. I always want to hang on to the feelings and the memories of those warm, sunny days when you're free and can do whatever you feel like. Some people love the freshness of everything starting up and being new, but I'm more prone to wanting to freeze time at its best :) I try to motivate myself by thinking about the cozy aspects of autumn, like lighting candles and taking long walks among yellow and orange forests but I haven't managed to feel motivated yet... :) One thing that I've already gotten some use for, due to the cooler nights, is the quilt that you can see on my postcard. We bought it earlier this summer in a little boutique in the town where my mom lives. I had seen that exact quilt many months ago here in Umeå, but only a full size one for a bed, and fell completely in love with it. They were going to order the smaller one, but when it came it was the wrong one. After searching through every interior decorating store that I've passed, plus the ones online I had almost given up hope when I suddenly stumbled upon it and you can imagine the happiness I felt! :) That pretty quilt is the one thing that can make me feel that the slow approach of autumn isn't so horrible... :)

I wish you a happy week 32!



Hello Moa!
I hope the first week of August treated you well!

When summer rolls into it's last month, it lights a fire under me to get certain things done while there's still time. This week I drove up north to visit a friend that I've known since 1st grade. It was very spur of the moment-- I think I gave her two days notice!

I think we talked NONSTOP. =)

We went out to eat at a place neither of us had been before and indulged in cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon among other things at a place in Duluth called the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe. The next day we headed back into town for lunch at a familiar place called Sara's Table (but back in the day, it was a market and butcher called Taryn's) and had all kinds of good treats including an apricot chicken salad sandwich and sweet potato fries. Yum!

Before the short visit came to an end we made a trip through a vintage shop where I picked up this handkerchief. I passed up a typewriter, a milk bottle, and a big metal fan. I figured there will come a day for those things. A simple hankie would do. =)
It was a wonderful time and on my way home I was overcome with happiness. It pays to take advantage of these last weeks of summer and do something out of the ordinary!



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  1. How fun that we both shot close-ups of textiles this week! :)

    Your little trip sounds like so much fun, it's always great to meet up with old friends :)