Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 34

Hello there Shanon!
I hope your week has been good. My week has been pretty intense, since I started working on Monday. I've been pretty wiped out during the evenings, just hanging out at home and relaxing. I have done some fun things though, two of which are shopping-related. On Wednesday we went to buy a new lamp for the livingroom. We got a really nice one the Christmas before last, but there was a problem with it so we returned it. We ended up ordering a really cool lamp that's kind of a huge purple lampshade hanging from the ceiling. I can't wait until it arrives!

Today I headed to a store nearby to check out the fall fashion. I always feel like I need some new, fun clothes to appreciate the arrival of fall. That way I can trick myself into forgetting that I'm sad that summer is taking its leave. I found lots of nice things in the store, almost more than I could carry to the dressing room. In the end I bought like two pairs of pants, a skirt and some tops. Now I can't wait for it to get a bit cooler so I can start bundle up :)

My postcard this week is of a pretty little thing I bought in Stockholm last week. I found it in a store that was basically my idea of heaven, lots of fun colourful things :) I'm not exactly sure what we're going to use it for yet (but that hasn't stopped anyone from buying something, right?). It can either be for salt or sugar or something else that (preferably) starts with an "s" and that you can sprinkle :)

Happy week 34!



Hello Moa!
I hope your August has been going great!

This week my sister flew in from San Diego for a visit. We went out for sushi-- but of course I picked a place I'd never been to before and we drove around for ages looking for it! Then we went to a Twins game (The Minnesota Twins are a professional baseball team. The "Twins" stands for the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, that are separated by the Mississippi river.) in their new stadium, which was great. The food was good too!

A few days later we hung out at the lake. My favorite place is laying at the end of the dock, with my feet in the water, looking up at the clouds. My dad said he wants to put a bench in down there, but if it interferes with my laying around, then I'm opposed to it! =P
The next day I shot my cousin's high school graduation pics. I've actually never done such a thing, so I was nervous, but I did a lot of planning, scouting, etc. and she was a pro! It would be hard to mess up any shot that included her blue eyes and perfect smile. ; )

How is it that August is almost over? So crazy.




  1. Oh, that calm photo of those perfect clouds is just what I need right now... How nice with a visit from your sister, mine has recently moved away which I'm really sorry about.

    And you're right - August has passed by in such a frenzy, I really can't believe it!

  2. Where did your sister move to? Can you visit?

    I love that it's an "S" cause I'll pretend it stands for Shanon. Hahahaha