Monday, November 15, 2010

Week 46

Hi Shanon!
How has your week been? I've had one of those fly-by-before-you-notice-it weeks, where things kind of blend into a blur in hindsight. I do remember two things though.

The first is that I bought a pink bicycle helmet. Now this might not seem like such a big deal, but it is to me. I wore a bicycle helmet when I was a kid and up until I was about 12 years old. This was later than everyone else in my class and so it was a bit of a childhood trauma as you can understand :) Now, however, I'm getting older, wiser (I hope) and less bothered about being cool - at least that's what I tell myself :) - I decided that it was time to be a safer cyclist and use a helmet. I won't start wearing it until spring though, because I decided not to use my bike this winter since it's such a stressful thing to bike on slippery ice but I'll let you know how it feels the first time I use it in public :)

The second thing is that Martin and I went to a relax facility on Friday evening. We'd gotten a gift certificate to this place when we got married, but it's not until now that we actually came around to using it :) It was a very pleasant experience I have to say. We sat in a bubble pool, testing out all the different types of water massage that the jet streams gave, eating candy, exotic fruits and potato crisps and drinking some bubbly strawberry drinks. It felt quite decadent I have to say :)

My photo this week is of a pretty wreath that I bought last weekend. I plan on putting it up on our front door, but I haven't gotten around to that yet. I have to hammer a nail into the door first and you know how much work that is - not :D

Take care and I'll see you in week 48!



Hi Moa!
Ta-da! We had our first snowfall on Saturday! It was very warm and nice leading up to it. Like "no coat" warm. And then late Friday night it started snowing. It was the really heavy and wet kind of snow that weighs down tree branches and is hard to shovel.
I found it nice and actually pretty that it was snowing. I had an craft fair on Saturday morning, so we had to load up the jeep during the snow (Well, Ben did it alone to be honest. I didn't want any part of that!) and on the drive over to the lake, where the craft fair was being held, I wished I could have spent some time shooting all the trees. But no such luck.
Funny story, after the show, while I was waiting at the curb for Ben to pick me up, a huge chunk of snow fell out of the tree I was standing under and smacked me in the arm. I thought someone threw a snowball at me! I was shocked! Hahaha With the weight of the snow, you could have probably knocked someone out during a snowball fight. Geesh, no thanks. =)
So, yes, it's finally here. Big sweaters, and winter white goodness. (I think I heard it might all melt this week, but it was the largest snowfall on that date in history for us. Very cool. I'm looking forward to more!)
Hope you are equally well, and that no trees have thrown snowballs at you lately.
; )


  1. Update: It's soooo not going to melt. Brrrrr! =)

  2. Lovely wintery shot! We're having snow and temperatures below zero here as well. Yesterday morning it was -11C, which is rather chilly. But I do like to bundle up with hats, scarves and mittens :)