Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Week 47

Hello Shanon!
I hope all is well over at your place. As usual I can barely remember what I actually did during the week :) One thing that I do remember is picking up our new teapot at the post office. Martin discovered that the old one was broken a couple of weeks ago and that actually made me a bit sad, since I've had it for quite a long time and it feels like an old friend. That might sound a bit ridiculous, but since I love drinking tea I have so many pleasant memories connected to it :) The old one was from the Danish brand Bodum and I wanted to buy the same brand again. After much mulling over the different models we picked this pretty, round one called Assam.

On Saturday night we had Martin's sister, her husband and their little boy over for dinner and a movie. We made a delicious taco-pizza and laughed at how their 1-year old ate his little pizza pieces. He actually had the plate on top of his head at one point :) A lot of my friends have little babies these days and it's so much fun to be able to play and cuddle with them. I can't wait to see what your little baby will look like and how he will be :)

Take care!



Happy Week 47 Moa!
I thought I'd share a little gold goodness with you for the week. On Tuesday, before my prenatal yoga class, I stopped at Micheal's (which is a huge craft store here) and indulged in on-sale Holiday decorations. I bought a long strand of this glittered vine and affixed it to a wreath that I also picked up there. I nabbed some huge pine cones, along with a silver reindeer and some other Christmas-y things but I figure I can have this wreath up because the gold and the leaves can also celebrate Thanksgiving. ; )
I took some shots of the making of the wreath for Words To Shoot By, a photo blog that I'm apart of, but I took this extra shot for you because this is the prettiest part-- all the glittery shine! =)
As I'm writing this postcard to you, Ben is putting up our Christmas lights on all the trees and bushes in our front yard. (He's not in a good mood about it, but it's a really nice day out, considering how cold it's been, that I did some nagging, knowing that he'll appreciate getting it done now and not when his hands would freeze in a few weeks!)
I'll have to try not to turn them on until AFTER Thanksgiving. That's a big thing here. People can get quite irritated when Christmas decorations are up before Thanksgiving. But I think Thanksgiving should be earlier. It's usually so cold and dreary here, that we need to look forward to holiday fun asap. It goes so fast the way it is.
Hope you are well and have lots of holiday decorating to look forward to too!


  1. Oh, I love all that golden glitteriness! :) I'm starting to feel the urge to decorate for Christmas but I'm trying to hold off a week or two more. I figure it's ok to start in December :)

    As we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here (a shame really, I think it sounds like a great holiday) I only know what I've seen in movies. I didn't know about the irritation when people put up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but I can imagine. As you say, it would be good to have that holiday a bit earlier so that there's more time to enjoy each and every holiday separately :)

  2. Oh! I think you should decorate. =)

    Actually, this year, more and more people have said that they've put their tree up earlier than ever. It's quite nice. I've been saying for two weeks that I wanted to put it up, and last night we even planned to, but something came up and we got distracted. TONIGHT though, it's on the agenda. ; )