Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 45

Hi Shanon!
I hope your week was good and that you're finally getting rid of that cold!

My week was filled with fun things. My pupils had their autumn holiday this week, which means that I worked three days with other teacher stuff and had two days off. One of the days when I came home from work I smelled the sweet smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns when I came out of the elevator on our floor. I immediately decided that we should bake some too, so we made lots of delicious cinnamon buns and vanilla buns. They're sort of the same thing, you just make different fillings :) Now we have to stop ourselves from eating them everyday, or we'll be out of them soon! :)

One of my free days I had a visit from a dear friend of mine that also had the day off. We drank tea, ate mozzarella pizza for lunch and watched all four episodes of the BBC version of Jane Austen's Emma that came last year (I think). We both love romantic period drama so it was the perfect day as you can imagine :) I really love hanging out with a friend during the day, it's so cozy.

Take care!



Hello there Moa!
I hope you enjoyed a nice week. It was well above average for temps here, so I've been happy about not wearing a coat or mittens most days. (Now that I think about it, since I still have my cold, maybe I should be wearing that stuff regardless! haha)

This weekend Ben's parents came to help us with our basement remodeling construction. Well, Ben's dad helped him. I don't have any part in that. I'm not allowed to even be down there half the time, which is fine by me! =) Ben's mom and I did some shopping instead. I got to scourer Anthropologie's sales racks, because I had a return to make there. I actually found a sweater I'd been hoping for. It was the last one. Score! We looked at furniture, had some lunch, and went to a giant baby store full of baby clothes, cribs, strollers, etc. It's a tiny bit overwhelming the amount of things this little person will need. But maybe that's just a pressure you feel, and you don't have to get everything that's out there. I'll try not to anyway.
My postcard is a of a handful of 3-6 month old shirts for him. I've been told everyone wants to buy you the teeny tiny clothes, so I jumped ahead to the 3-6 month stage. ; )

We also spent a lot of time during the day looking for a dishwasher and talking to cabinet designers about the part of the kitchen we need to redo to fit in said dishwasher. It was all very tiring and by the next morning I was completely knocked out from being on my feet all day, and my lovely cold turned into a nice big headache as well. I swear, one of these weeks I promise to stop complaining about all my ailments! =)
So on Sunday, I was forced to nap on the couch while Ben's mom did me a huge favor and finished cleaning up my gardens. If I wasn't so stuffed up, I'd breath a huge sigh of relief that it is all taken care of.
See you next week!
p.s. Can you believe we are already a week into NOVEMBER?!? Did this year fly by? I can't wait to see your postcards for December. I hope that I end on a string of high notes for you. =)

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  1. How fun to start buying baby clothes! Several of my friends have had babies and I love walking around in the baby section, the clothes are just SO cute :)

    I can imagine that it's very overwhelming with all the things you can buy for your baby. I think it's probably a wise thing to try and limit yourself, your baby is going to have a wonderful upbringing no matter what! :)