Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 10

Hello Shanon!
Happy week 10! I'm so excited that we've finally hit March, it's kind of the month where spring starts showing it's first signs around here. Let's see... Dripping from the roofs? Check! Sunny mornings? Check! That special spring air? Check! We've had some really lovely days of sunshine and glistening snow, so I'm starting to have spring feelings :)
I can actually feel myself getting more social too. In the winter I prefer to stay at home as much as possible, under a blanket in the sofa if possible. Naturally I socialize during the winter too, but I just don't have the same energy for it. But now I'm feeling like calling friends and setting things up. On Saturday I spent the whole afternoon with a very dear friend of mine, who recently had a baby. We had a great time chatting, drinking tea, hugging her sweet baby and, last but not least, eating our favourite mozzarella pizza. I actually had a flower shot planned for this postcard, but then I thought - why not take a break with the flowers and show you something a bit more unexpected :)
I hope you have a great week ahead!

Hiya Moa!
I just had to share this happy view with you this week-- you can see grass here! Don't get me wrong, there is tons of snow everywhere still, but on the edges of yards grass is starting to peak out and announce that it's only a matter of time before it will be back. Yay!

I spent several days this week taking walks, enjoying the sun and blue skies, even though snow is everywhere and water and ice need to be carefully walked upon or jumped over. I enjoyed being able to say that I didn't need to wear a coat outside, although I wore several layers and a big wool sweater instead. But NO coat. That made me super happy and hopeful.

I even spent time almost everyday shoveling snow from parts of our yard where it's still really high, to other parts that have melted already. I'm a big nerd in that way, but I don't care. It was nice to be outside and to be doing something! I think it embarrasses my husband. He tells me to let mother nature take care of it. But why not help? Right? =)

Have a great week Moa! I hope sunshine is on it's way to you as well!




  1. Hello YUM! That is the most delicious "postcard" I've ever seen. All that cheese-- heavenly! Who knew I'd be wanting pizza before 8am this Monday morning? =)

  2. Haha, pizza for breakfast, now that's something :)

    Oh, I'm so jealous that you have grass peeking out! I guess we're a few weeks after you weather-wise. But we've actually had up to +7C here today, so lots of snow has started to melt :)

  3. Haha, I didn't have breakfast yet but that pizza got me hungry too! Sounds like you had a fun day with you friend.

    I was excited about seeing some grass too even though it was minus degrees that day so it looked really frosty!

    Yay for March - spring is coming! Have a great week!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words Karin! Hope you'll have a great week too :)