Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 12

Hi Shanon!
I hope all is well in Minnesota! Here in the north of Sweden we're enjoying sunshine and melting snow, whereas there seems to be snowstorms going on in other parts of the country. Sweden is almost a 1000 miles long from the north to the south, so we have different climates across the country. Usually us northerners are always jealous of the southerners who have warmer weather, a richer abundance of species when it comes to flowers and trees plus they're so much closer to the continent which makes travelling easier. But for today they can be jealous of us and our sunny weather :)

Now that the sun is getting brighter and the weather is getting warmer I'm feeling more creative. I have lots of stuff I want to do, but there is never enough time because of work. One of our projects is to paint a pretty vintage wood/glass cabinet that we bought. We're going to paint it white and use it for books and other stuff. I'm so looking forward to seeing the finished result! Some other white and pretty things are the gillyflowers on our kitchen table. They've been blossoming for about 10 days and are such a joy to look at, and naturally I wanted to share the happiness with you :)

Have a great week Shanon!



Hiya Moa!
It's Sunday afternoon as I write this postcard to you. It's been 4 straight days of college basketball here. It's known as March Madness, when all the top schools begin their playoffs for the National Championship. It's also Ben's birthday weekend. His birthday is on Monday, tomorrow, but we tend to indulge and celebrate over the weekend as well, whichever weekend is closest to the actual date of our birthday. We also tend to open our presents/cards/etc. early. We are impatient in that way! Haha So, my postcard this week is of my present to him. It's a fancy golf shirt.
I have to say, I'm ready for the weekend to end. It's been a four day weekend in our household because the games started on Thursday. I do really like watching college basketball, but the house is a mess, I'm a mess, there are pizza boxes and guacamole bowls everywhere. Send help! lol
See you here next week. If I manage to pull myself together well enough! =D


  1. Oh my, sounds like you had quite a weekend! I love the part about guacamole bowls and pizza boxes, I love guacamole and pizza :)

    Sounds like you guys have fab birthdays too, I think you can never celebrate too much :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how warmer weather makes us much more creative? You just get the itch that you have to make things! =) Thanks for sharing the flowers with me and I can't wait to see your new furniture!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ben! You could invite friends and let them play a game during which they take care of the mess, the pizza boxes and guacamole bowls! ;o))

  4. LoL I think our friend might be too wise for that. Not that I wouldn't try it though! =)

  5. Moa - can't wait to see the cabinet. :) I'm so glad that the light is returning too.

    Shanon - Happy late birthday Ben! Good luck with the cleaning up (mine is so messy too). :)

    Have a great week both of you!

  6. Thanks so much Karin! Yes, the light is a big bonus :)

  7. Thanks Karin! Things got cleaned up, but another weekend of games equals another mess! Haha