Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 11

Hi Shanon!
Are you getting any more spring signs over in Minnesota? This past week we had some really warm days (like +8C) so lots of snow melted. I took a little walk on Friday with my camera, dressed in my new spring jacket. The sun was shining and even though it was a bit colder again, I pretended that it was May :) My postcard this week is from that walk, I snapped a shot of a carpet-beating rack that was peeking out from under the snow. I always love when things that have been hidden during the winter start coming forth again, even if it's nothing more romantic than a muddy mitten :)

It's been a lovely week for me since I've had my sports holiday. I haven't done any sports (besides the photo walk, that counts right?), I've mainly watched movies, read blogs and hung out with friends. It's so lovely to be able to relax and do whatever you feel like. I was also inspired to sew a bit, which was so much fun. The best part is that it's only 2,5 weeks until the Easter holiday, so I'll soon have more time to be creative. My next project is to find a glass cabinet and paint it white, we'll see how that goes...

Hope you'll have a great week ahead with lots of sunshine and fun!



Hi Moa!
I'm sending you a postcard this week of my Saturday morning. It's a ritual here for Ben to make us fried egg on toast on Saturday mornings. There is cheese under the egg that gets all gooey and delicious. My favorite part is that I never have to make them. Don't things taste better when they are made for you by someone else?
Before he makes them he often gets himself a coffee, and me a chai latte at our neighborhood coffee shop, but this weekend I had some black tea-- and got all jittery! I'm imagining that soon it will be warm and sunny enough that this ritual will again involve orange juice and sitting out in the backyard. (After we had breakfast we did our first batch of yard work for the year! Yay Spring!)
I should also tell you that I made oatmeal cookies this week too. I don't bake very often, and when I do it's usually cornmeal muffins, but I had a craving for cookies this week and talked myself into making some instead of buying them. I was proud of myself because they turned out good, but like I said "things taste better when they are made for you..." Haha Such a bad theory, I know! =)
Wishing you sunshine~


  1. Oh, your breakfast looks so delicious! I agree with you that it's nice when someone makes something for you - but it's also nice to eat something that you know you've worked "hard" with so I think you have two good theories there :) It sounds so lovely to start working in the garden... I so wish we had something other than a windy balcony... oh well, in a couple of years I hope that I'll have a pretty little garden too :)

  2. Well Moa, take comfort in knowing that sometimes, like when I've spent WAY too much on flowers, or at the end of the summer when I'm exhausted after gardening, I wish that I once again lived in an apartment. =)