Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 13

Hi Shanon!
How are things in Minnesota? Are you preparing for Easter? I have to say that I'm going very easy on the decorating, I'm not sure that we even own any Easter decorations. Easter is one of those holidays that sort of creep up on you and take you by surprise, maybe it's because it's never on the same date. Perhaps I'll buy some pretty decorations next week when they're on sale, so that I'll be prepared for next year :)

On Tuesday it's my birthday and the celebrations have already begun. On Saturday we had Martin's family over for dinner (tacos, with lots of guacamole!), my family lives quite far away so I'll celebrate with them next time I see them. Since I have to work all evening on Tuesday, Martin and I decided to have a little celebration yesterday. We made delicious cannelloni and I got my present, which is the beautiful plate you can see on my postcard. I've had my eyes on that plate for a while, and I was so happy when I opened my gift. It's quite large and perfect to use as a platter or for fruit. Right now there's just one lonely avocado on it, but I'll have to do something about that :)

Hope you'll have a lovely Easter!



Hiya Moa!
I can't believe we are on week 13. It feels like we've been writing these postcards for such a long time already, then I think about how much more of the year we have left and I can't imagine what on earth will happen and what our postcards will look like!

This week we went out of town (out of the cities and out to the country) to get our taxes done. In the past we've often done them ourselves, but with my business it was a little more complicated, so we used my parents' tax guy. Are you asleep yet? Very boring stuff here! Haha

This is a postcard from the drive back after we were finished. There might be a patch of rolling hills, or a lake, or a town every once in awhile, but most of the drive is flat farm land and groves of trees. You can see forever and you are basically on a 2 lane road that runs straight, so it's a good time to listen to music and talk about everything and anything. We get into some pretty heated discussions! Sometimes I wonder if after years and years of this habit, how will we be one day when there a kid in the car? Will our "future someday" kid think that their parents fight a lot? Or will we change? Or will they be screaming about their own issues and distract us to the point that we never have our long talks in the car anymore?
Things I'll have to wait and see I guess.
Wishing you sunshine and long talks Moa!


  1. Oh, the taxman... that's advanced stuff :)

    I so enjoy seeing what the landscape looks like where you live, it's a bit different from here. And I agree with you about long talks in the car, that's a very nice thing. When we drive to my mom and her husband it takes around 7 hours including the eating break, and you get a lot of talking done in that time. When you get kids you'll have to buy those dvd screens that you fasten to the driver/passenger seats so they can watch movies all the way and you and Ben can talk :)

  2. Haha, I love your reference to guacamole. Yum! Awwh, dvds in the car. I remember having to just look out the window and daydream, and when that got boring fall asleep. =)

    Happy Birthday Moa!