Monday, April 5, 2010

Week 14

Hello Shanon!
Can you believe it's already been 14 weeks? I'm kind of baffled when I think about it. Another thing I'm baffled about is the fact that it's snowing again. We've had some lovely days with lots of melting snow and now this. Not that it'll stay on the ground, since the temperature is still over zero degrees but still... Well, over to more pleasant things like Easter! I love Easter, because it's a lovely long weekend. I've had time to relax and do fun things that I normally don't have time to do.

For instance, I started working on our glass cabinet the other day, putting on spackle paste and sanding it down. Now it's time to start painting and that's the fun part. I'm kind of lazy and think that the groundwork is really boring, painting is fun though, because then you see the results right away :) I also baked some bread for the first time in months and it turned out really delicious. There's nothing more tasty than eating bread that's just out from the oven, yum! :)

Hope you'll have a lovely spring weekend!



Happy Week 14 Moa and Happy Easter!
This week was exciting because we had our first blooms in the garden. Blue flowers really are my sentimental favorites, so it was especially nice. They are Siberian squill and they are pretty small but very joyous. =)

My older neighbor lady has a bunch of them poking through the rocks in the front of her house. We are always talking flowers when we see each other outside and one year, after commenting on how much I enjoyed them she surprised me buy digging up a bowl of them for me. I think lifelong gardeners have such giving hearts!
Last fall I ordered a bag of them so that I could develop my own drifts of blue flowers in the spring just like hers. It's always exciting to see things come up and it's neat to spread them throughout the neighborhood.
So anyhow, I didn't get much candy for Easter, but I did get blue Siberia squill. Haha
I hope your week was full of nice surprises as well!


  1. How delightful that your garden is starting to bloom! I love those flowers, in Sweden they're called Scilla so that's a bit similar to squill. They're so cheery and happy :)

  2. Oh! They are also called that here, but I seem to remember the other name better. =) I will definitely be planting even MORE next year! =D

  3. Flowring bulbs and homebaked bread - two of my favourite things! :) Have a wonderful spring week!

  4. Oh, thanks so much Karin! Hope you have a lovely week too!

  5. I was looking back over our postcards and I can't believe I didn't write in this one that MY team won the national championship-- Woo-hoo! All our eating chips and pizza for those first two weekends must have helped. Haha!