Monday, April 26, 2010

Week 17

Hello Shanon!
I hope you've had a great week! I've had a good week, even though I've been really tired due to a bit of illness. The best part of it was on Saturday when we went to a flower market/exhibition that was held at a high school in the area. People sold plants, trees and even potatoes and there were also some gardening companies that wanted to promote their services. As we don't have a garden we couldn't buy any of the lovely rose plants and peony plants but I really enjoyed seeing them and dreaming about the day that we can buy them! We did buy two geraniums, 3 kilos of almond potatoes and a cute little frog decoration that you can stick into a flower pot.

When we were there I took lots of photos (of course!) so I had a bit of a hard time deciding which one I should send you. In the end I chose one of a flower that was in one of the greenhouses. I thought it was really pretty, even if I'm not usually much for orange-red tones (I'm more of a pink girl as you know). Sometimes it's good to try and step outside of your regular colours :)

This week we're getting up the chairs and the table for the balcony from the basement and I can't wait to sit out there when it's a bit warmer! :)

Hope you'll have a lovely week 17, Shanon!



Hiya Moa!
This week I was thinking a lot about all the fun shops in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that are run by small business owners. Flower shops, clothing shops, ice cream shops, and then I of course thought about bakeries! Macarons are one of those confections I've been seeing everywhere, but I've never tried. I remedied that on Wednesday by stopping at Sweets Bakeshop! Lemon Raspberry, Salted Caramel, and Banana-- oh my!
Truth be told, there is nothing in my little espresso mug in this shot, I ate them too fast to even make tea! In fact, I had to use lots of restraint to get home with them and not pull over on the river parkway and eat them among the budding trees and pretty water, but they made it back for the shot! =) If anything, this postcard project is teaching me discipline. lol
Mmmmmm... what yumminess can I shoot for next week? Well, I might learn discipline in certain respects, but if I go this route, I might also gain weight!
Lots of macaron love to you!


  1. Oh my, I just love that photo! It would look perfect in a kitchen or anywhere else for that matter :) You had me laughing when you wrote about having to restrain yourself from stopping the car and eating them! I'm usually bad at restraint, when we buy candy for the weekend I'm always there to secretly snag one. Usually Martin hears the paper bag rustling though and calls me out on it :)

  2. Haha, whenever I buy a bag of potato chips while getting groceries, it's torn into before I leave the parking lot! =D

    I'm so jealous of your trip to flower show! It's so hard though, I always leave with a lighter wallet. ; ) So at least you can think of all the money you save by not having a garden yet.

    Wishing you warm weather in a hurry! xoxo

  3. @ Moa
    Last year I had the opportunity to visit a really big garden exhibition and I so so loved it. One could really spent lots of money on such exhibitions and plant several gardens with all the beautiful flowers, bushes, trees and decoration items they offer during such exhibitions. Hope the day, you will have your own garden, isn't too far away, so you can dwell in flowers!
    Hope you feel better meanwhile with the illness!

    @ Shanon
    Lucky you! I still look for a chance to taste these kind of Macarons. Last summer I visited Zurich where they make famous Macarons and had planned to get some of these and finally taste them. But then they were that expensive that I left Zurich without some of them in my bag. :( The image is beautiful and I applaud you for managing to bring the macarons home! ;o)

  4. Liisa, these were priced just right, $1 each. They were about 2x2 inches, which probably doesn't help, here I am talking dollars and inches! Haha They were really rich tasting, I wouldn't want to eat 3 in a row next time. I'll save a few!

  5. Thanks so much Liisa! Yes, garden exhibitions are a "dangerous" thing :) We really hope to be able to buy a house in a couple of years, that'll be so much fun! :)