Monday, May 3, 2010

Week 18

Hello girl!
Happy week 18! Can you believe it's finally May? I'm counting down the days and the weeks until the summer holiday now, it's 5 weeks and 3 days :) We do have a week of teacher stuff left after that, but still... summer is near!

This week was filled with work stuff and I didn't have time to do much else. We did manage to squeeze in a little trip though. My husband bought some new tyres and rims that are apparently much cooler than the ones we had. They happened to be in my hometown so we visited my dad at the same time, which was a bonus. On the way home we stopped halfway and visited some dear friends and ate pie and talked. They have a very beautiful home and it made me think about how nice it is to be inspired "live". Usually I read magazines and blogs and see lots of photos of gorgeous homes and pretty details, but it's even better to walk around in an inspiring home. It made me long even more until we buy a house of our own and can arrange things precisely as we like them. Not to mention that we'll be having a garden...

Another inspiring thing is finding pretty colour combinations around your home. The other day I found my favourite notebook lying on top of a magazine, and I so liked how the colours matched. Pink, white and turquoise - it doesn't get any better than that in my book! :)
Hope you'll have a great week!

Hiya Moa!
I had a weird predicament this week. I was lonely. Ben was out of town 3 days for work and I turned into a big baby! But isn't it nice to miss your significant other once in awhile? It's romantic in it's way. When we first got married he was in the military, and so we were apart more than we were together back during those years. I think because I couldn't indulge myself in loneliness and tears back then (cause you just can't expect to get through nearly a year being sad every day!) I think I have delayed effects from that every once in awhile now. But then he comes home and I snap out of it! =)
I thought I better get a postcard of our tulips for you before they are over for the season. The purplish ones are much more grayish blue in real life. They are so interesting! They almost look like feathers in the way that each petal has veining through it and ruffles to it's edge. And I don't remember planting the orange ones. I'll have to check my packaging from last fall, I save it especially for this sort of moment!
We are having an earlier than usual spring here, and I had planted many more tulips than ever before, so it's been a really pleasant spring. I'm wishing this for you, if spring would hurry and warm up Sweden for you!
Lot's of warm wishes to you!


  1. Oh, I love all the tulips! Those purple ones look really pretty and such a special colour...

    I just remembered a kind of funny thing that my aunt told me on the subject of not remembering what you planted. She had a friend who was boasting to all she knew about a special flower seed she had planted. She had put it in a pot so she could take it inside if the weather was too cold etc. As summer passed by it grew more and more and in the end it turned out that she had been pampering carrot plants.

    Somehow she had gotten the wrong seeds or planted them in the wrong place, I don't remember exactly. But I thought it was very funny that she was taking such prodigiously good care of carrot plants :)

  2. *lol* ... I bet these carrots tasted especially delicious after all the pampering and good care!

    I think pink, white and turquoise are a great color combo for ones home!

    @ Shanon

    I also love the shape of your tulips ... funny fact: we have some orange/red tulips in our garden too this spring, but didn't plant them at all. Who knows, maybe some Aliens are going to overtake our gardens and smuggled them into our gardens. ;o)

    btw. do you remember back on Easter, I asked if you and Moa have some Easter traditions in your families and you couldn't really think of one? Now yesterday you remembered one ... the kites!! :) I never before heard that people give kites to their children for Easter but it totally makes sense for me. I mean resurrection and the soon to follow ascension kinda symbolized by a flying kite ...