Monday, May 17, 2010

Week 20

Hi Shanon!
Happy week 20! Can you believe we'll be halfway with this project in a couple of (or six) weeks?!

I have to start by telling you about the amazing changes in weather here: we're having summer right now! All of a sudden the weather snapped and it's been around +23C (73F) for several days. Needless to say I'm super happy about it! :) It's amazing how everything has just sprung into action in the nature too, all the leaves have burst out in just a few days... Between the sunshine and warmth, however, we've had thunderstorms and heavy rain, so the weather has been acting out so to speak :)

On Thursday evening we had my sister and her husband here for some dinner and mah-jong. It's just lately that I've been "bitten" by mah-jong and I find it very entertaining. The weather was just starting to get warm that night so we had the door to the balcony open and enjoyed the mild breezes while playing the game (and having chocolate cake, fresh pineapple and tea). We all got the feeling of warm summer evenings and the thunderstorm that night reminded us of a particularly extreme one that took place about 15 years ago. It was just one of those lovely evenings that makes your heart warm. This weekend has been really lovely, it's almost been like summer in miniature: everyone is free from work and the weather is perfect. The downside is that it'll probably swing back to +10C really soon, but I'm going to enjoy the warmth as long as I can! :)

Hope your week will be sunny and delightful!



PS. This weeks postcard is from one of the sunsets this week. I stood on the balcony and enjoyed it. Even though the setting isn't the most ideal with the ugly office building, I think the amazing sky makes up for that :) DS.

Hello Moa!
First of all, I didn't expect that I'd have another postcard that involved shoes! Haha But I thought you'd like to see my sweater and round-toed buckle shoes that I wore on our date night this past week. They have a really high (but thicker) heel, and I was wearing tights so my feet kept sliding forward in them. I felt rather Cinderella-ish, because I kept feeling like I was going to step right out of one. =) (That's a nice way to put it, right? Instead of, "Argh, they were so annoying!)
Anyways, back to our date night. A week or so ago we decided to get tickets to see the musical South Pacific as it stopped on it's tour here in town. I'm fortunate that Ben likes doing this sort of thing. I think his mom introduced him to the theatre when he was young, so he's probably seen more shows then I have! It's nice to be able to dress up and go out on the town, even on a random Wednesday. =) We went to our favorite sushi place in St. Paul called Sakura, which just so happens to be in walking distance to the Ordway, where we saw the show. It was raining that day, so I had a black umbrella with multi-colored polka dots. It stopped raining while we were eating however, so I didn't get to walk romantically to the theatre under it, but it was better on the hair-do that way!
Since we were rushed that night, I took the shot for the postcard on Sunday. The weekend weather was a different story-- gloriously warm and sunny!
Happy week 20 Moa! It's been 20 weeks of gorgeous postcards from you. I can't wait for more!


  1. I love how on a week where we shoot something a little different and in much richer tons than what we've normally shot, we BOTH do it. They pair wonderfully! =)

    I've never played real mah-jong, only online. It sounds like a great time.

  2. Oh, I agree with you, this weeks shots are a bit different for both of us but they still match :)

    I just LOVE your sweater, those ruffles are so gorgeous and the colour... yum! The shoes are super cute too! I really need too buy some high heeled shoes - unfortunately I'm just so much about comfort that I always choose ballerina flats instead :) Once I did buy a pair of "step in" high heels and wore them to a wedding with tights - which resulted in my feet slipping here and there, plus the shoes creaked in a strange way that they never did when I wore them without the tights. I actually walked around without shoes for the larger part of that wedding!:)