Monday, May 24, 2010

Week 21

Hello Shanon!
I hope you've had a lovely week! We've had a really warm and sunny week, which has of course been lovely. I realized however that there was still a bit of "can this really be true" going on in my mind. Even though the thermometer showed relatively warm weather at 7 am and the forecast had predicted that it would be a warm day, I was still hesitant to wear the really summer-like clothes. This resulted in me being super hot (as in sweaty, not good looking!) two of the days, which was not pleasant, let me tell you. I have some sort of strange fear when it comes to walking around in clothes that look like they're too summery when everyone else is wearing weather appropriate garments.

Due to the warm weather flowers and trees are blossoming everywhere. The other day when Martin and I took an evening walk I suddenly felt a familiar smell, and when I looked around I saw a bird-cherry that was springing into bloom. Apart from lilacs, bird-cherries are my favourite bushes/trees, they have that lovely smell that makes me want to stick my head into the blossoms and keep sniffing. My postcard this week is of a tree with pretty pink blossoms that's growing just outside our apartment building. I don't know what kind it is, it may very well be a pink variety of bird-cherry, but it hardly smelled anything. Anyway, with these pretty blossoms I want to wish you a happy week 21 - let's hope it's a good one!

Hiya Moa!
I hope you had a wonderful week! I bet you are super busy with "end of the year" teacher duties, but with all luck I will receive a postcard from you. =)
This week we began the task of painting all the trim and all the cupboards (and drawers) in our kitchen. It was an unpleasant wood stain color before and just made the room dark and dreary. Ben's mom was here a few days to help me, she has lots of experience doing this sort of thing. And it just wouldn't be a very fun thing to do alone. (We painted while Ben was a work. He really would be no help anyhow. I wouldn't trust him! Haha)
Unfortunately I'm not done. After the coat of primer and first coat of paint it became incredibly humid here. I just don't feel right continuing when the weather is so gross. It probably only means that everything would just take twice as long to dry, but I don't feel like tempting fate. Considering the last coat will take 7 days to cure, I don't want to do anything that will mess things up. It's expensive fancy oil based kitchen paint and I hate sanding. So for those reasons I'm just going to wait until this weather passes.
On a positive note, the weather has been great for our garden. Our flowers are growing like crazy. The clematis vines are to the roof of our garage, the peonies are starting to open, and the irises are out of control! Haha It was too windy this weekend and several large stalks from an iris called "Perpetual Joy" broke off. They were about chest high on me, so quite tall for irises, and they just couldn't handle the wind. But now I get to have them in the house, which I wouldn't have done if it weren't for them breaking. So, it's been really nice. I thought they'd make a nice postcard to you, with a hint our painted kitchen trim. =)
Wishing you "Perpetual Joy"!


  1. Oh, such lovely irises! They're gorgeous flowers... Oh how I want my own garden when I read about how yours is starting to bloom! :)

    The trim looks great, I hope your project will turn out well! I hate doing the "ground work" too, so I can really understand how you choose to lay low for a while so nothing gets messed up :)

  2. Yay! I'm happy that things are getting blooming for you!
    I hear you about the dressing for warm weather too early. I'm probably the last person that breaks out the flip flops. I don't like cold feet! =)