Monday, May 10, 2010

Week 19

Hello Shanon!
Today you're getting a glimpse of our new living room curtains. I bought them on Saturday when I was walking all across town in search of the perfect handbag. I didn't find a bag, but at least I got some pretty white curtains. I always love thin and airy curtains that sway in the breeze from the open balcony door, there is just something so soothing about the soft swooshing of the fabric.
My search for the perfect handbag, on the other hand, was a huge fiasco. I ordered a leather handbag online a couple of weeks ago, that I had been admiring for months and that I was sure would be perfect. It cost a lot more than I usually spend on bags but I SO wanted it. When it arrived I was very disappointed, the colour wasn't a pretty brown but a very reddish brown that I didn't like at all plus the leather felt dry and sad. I sent it back and thought that I would try my luck in the stores in Umeå instead. I walked around for about two hours yesterday (in unusually hot weather), visiting every single store that sold bags, without finding anything good. I had no problem finding nice handbags in synthetic materials, but I really wanted a genuine leather bag this time. I did find one great bag, but it was about double my budget so that didn't help at all. It just made me think about the fact that ordering online can be a great thing when it comes to certain things, but it can be difficult with clothes and things like that. It makes you realize that such a big part of liking a sweater or a bag is that it feels right when you hold it - not to mention how distorted colour information can get before it reaches your eyes! Well, I'm just hoping that when I try again in a couple of weeks either the stores will have gotten some new bags or that super nice and expensive one will be on sale :) Well, that's enough about my shopping adventures and mishaps...
Have a happy week 19!

Hiya Moa!
This week we had some nutty weather, but I'm gonna concentrate on the beginning of the week when I finally got over to the lake to exercise. I'm terrible at running, in fact I can probably walk faster than I run! But it was so nice to do whatever you call what I do around a tree lined lake. I shot my postcard for you after my workout, as you can see, my running shoes are sneaking in the shot!
Now to the unfortunate news-- later in the week we had snow! Haha Well, not here in Minneapolis, but a few hours away up north. We did have frost, and I didn't get any of my flowers cover, so hopefully everything made it. But I thought you might enjoy hearing about it, so we can shake our heads in disbelief together. =)
So, here's to warm weather and to becoming a better runner! Okay, I'm not that excited about the running part. I just thought it might be good luck to throw that in there. ; )


  1. I'm very impressed that you went running, no matter how slow it went! :) I prefer walking, although I don't do that as often as I would want to...

    I'm appalled that it's snowing in Minnesota! We haven't had any snow now for a couple of weeks, but it did hail last week. All in all I think the weather is getting more and more springlike, so I'm happy :)

  2. Okay, Moa, I need to confess, since there is a bit of confusion. I didn't actually "run." I just walked incredibly fast, which is FASTER then I think I can run. Haha

    It's chilly here, but not too bad, and it's warm in the sun. Early last week it was gorgeous, then there was snow up north, and it's chilly again today. But I have faith that I won't be seeing any snow here. =)

  3. Haha! It's the same for me, if I were to actually run it would go much slower than when I walk :)

  4. @ Moa --- I love love love your new curtain! beautiful choice! Sorry to hear that you couldn't find a fitting bag though. I learned to be very careful ordering stuff via the internet because you really never can be sure that the colors you see on your monitor are the correct ones and especially if you order from outside your own country it is disturbing if you don't like what you ordered and have the whole fuss with re-sending it etc. etc.

    @ Shanon - you have my sympathy regarding the snow! I wouldn't want to see snow again at this time of the year. I mean i love snow but please during winter time, not in spring, summer or autumn. ;o)

  5. Thanks a lot Liisa! I love the curtains, it's such a great feeling to have updated the look in a room :)

    I was very annoyed about how bad my bag-hunt went, but I'm better now :) I'll make another round in a few weeks :)