Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 22

Hi Shanon!
Happy week 22! :)

This week's postcard is something as unusual as a sporty postcard, as I took a shot of my brand new sneakers, that I bought yesterday :) They were kind of a surprise buy, since I had a cute pair of Nike sneakers from last year that were white with a pink swoosh. The thing was that I had started to feel a wet sensation when it rained, but I shrugged it off as being imagination. Last week, however, I really felt that one of my feet was wet and as I looked closer I noticed that there was a split in one sole. I was really disappointed since I felt that they were really "me". I'm not much for sporty outfits and those sneakers were perfect since they went well with my work outfits. My husband returned them to the store and got all the money back (he had an errand there anyway, but I was secretly happy that I didn't have to do it as I'm kind of bad at complaining about these types of things - especially when it's been a year), so I could buy a new pair. After experiencing the exact same thing this year - that almost all sneakers are too sporty-looking for me - I found these that were great.

As you can tell not much has been going on this week, since the most interesting thing I have to tell is that I bought a pair of sneakers :) My work has been really relaxed since all the kids but one in the junior high class that I teach are away on a two week long bus trip through Europe. I had the chance to go with them, but since I value comfort and calm I don't think it's something that would work very well for me. These trips tend to be very hectic, intense and sleep-deprived :) Talking about it with Martin has however made us dream about going on a trip of our own, but we'll see when that might be :)

I hope you will have a sunny week!



Hiya Moa!
I hope you had a great week and weekend!

I'd tell you about the week, but I can't quite remember it now. The weekend was too full! We went out of town for the long holiday weekend here. It was Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day is a day to remember fallen soldiers and it is celebrated on a Monday, making it a three day weekend for most people. We left the city on Friday afternoon and since we are from about the same area, we can see all our relatives in one visit. There was lots of golfing and swimming in the pool at Ben's parents house. (Sitting near it for me. I hate swimsuits, yikes!)
And we also spent a long day at my parents' cabin, playing yard games, eating, and cooling off in the lake. We also played a few card games. Awwwh, card games on a picnic table. That's so summer at the lake to me. =) We got in a nice evening with my good friend at her parents' house (it's all about "the parents' house" when you go visit back home, since none of us live there anymore! haha) and we also visited my grandparents and saw some of my aunts and uncles. It was a FULL weekend!
I remember several summers when I did all this, hanging out with both of our families, by myself because Ben was deployed. I'm so lucky that his time in the service was a safe one and he finished it up and now gets to spend these holidays with us. I wish that for everyone serving right now. That one day they can come home and have their deployment a distant memory and just play card games on a lake on a warm holiday weekend in May.
See you in week 23!


  1. Moa, one of my shoes broke this weekend too! The sole peeled away! (But I shouldn't be surprised. I've had them for almost 10 years and since they are a flip flop, they get worn every single day in the summer!) I'm going to get them glued back together. =)
    Glad things are relaxing for you right now. Sometimes having only sneakers to talk about is a good thing! =)

  2. It sounds like you had such a nice weekend. I like being outside and just hanging out... I can certainly understand that it must be difficult when your loved one is far away and can't come home whenever he feels like it. I'm glad you get to be together now though! :)

    Hehe, I think you're right. I have really needed the quiet time to restore my energy, so I'm glad about that. Good luck with mending your flip flops :)