Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 25

Hello Shanon!
I hope your week has been good! I finally got my summer vacation this Thursday when I had completed the workday, and it feels very nice. It's actually a bit difficult to fully grasp, since we worked so hard on our last week of work. I haven't got that real summer holiday feeling yet, but it'll come once I've been home for a little while. What would also help is if the sun would show itself instead of hide behind dark clouds! :) The last couple of days it's mostly been raining like crazy...

On Friday we were going to some dear friends for dinner and on the way there we stopped at a garden centre to get some flowers for them. As I can rarely just buy what I'm supposed to and then get out of the store, I decided to buy this lovely flower for ourselves. It's a type of lavender that's called butterfly lavender in Swedish, but I couldn't find an exact translation in English. I think it does look kind of like a butterfly too, the petals on top look a bit like wings to me :) I'm just saying this because a lot of the time I can't really find connections between names and what flowers or other things look like :) Anyway, back to the garden centre! When we got to the store it was raining so much that I made Martin drive to the entrance so I could run inside with the speed of the wind. While I was inside I happened to run into a very dear friend who was also there shopping and she'd actually bought the exact same flower that I had found, just a little bonus information :) Together we rushed out to our separate cars, but I felt sorry for her because she had bought more flowers plus some bags of soil too so she couldn't just fling herself into the dry comfort of her car :) I have to clarify that I actually volunteered to help her, but she said she could make it on her own :)

Here's to a new week of sunshine and warmth!



Hiya Dear Moa!
I hope you had a lovely week.
This week I met a new friend and we took a walk around the lake near my house. Walking around the lake discussing design, travel, life, and art. I felt like I exercised my brain as well as my legs. It was outstanding!
Then for the weekend we left the city to go out to my parents' cabin for Father's Day. There is not much that is more relaxing than listening to the waves and the birds, sitting around in lawn chairs, soaking up the sun. This postcard is the view I enjoyed there, while reading a marvelous book. I don't know why I hadn't read it before, but I can now say that East of Eden is my favorite book ever. It's such a sweeping story of family, of the desire to be loved, and of the struggle to make peace with our faults and failures. I know you really enjoy the romance of the Brontes, but if you'd like to read some Steinbeck, I would recommend it. (Also, it's lots less depressing then some of his other works i.e. The Grapes of Wrath or Of Mice and Men! Haha) To be honest, I sobbed at the end. =)
Wishing you a wonderful week. And here's to lakes and literature!


  1. Oh, such a lovely view! I love how some of the glitter bokeh is so close together that it looks like hearts :)

    Sigh, to sit at the lake and read... there isn't much that tops that! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

    Ps. I haven't read anything of Steinbeck, but I have seen East of Eden as a movie. It was a very long time ago, but I remember that I liked it. I'm going to keep your tip for the right time :)

  2. You are just like me! I'm so happy to know I'm not the only one that can't leave with just one thing at a garden center! We'd have such a blast shopping together. =)

    I have to say, I flipped when I saw how well these postcards went together. I love when that happens. Big hugs to you!