Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 26

Hello Shanon!
Happy week 26! Can you believe we're already halfway through this year?! I know I can't :)

On Friday we celebrated Midsummer's Eve here in Sweden. There are many traditions associated with this holiday, like dancing around a leaf-clad pole while singing songs about little frogs. You can also pick seven kinds of flowers and put them under your pillow - this is supposed to make you dream about your future love. I think I only did that once when I was a kid, but my mom made me put the flowers in a plastic bag so they wouldn't smudge the sheets. That must be why I didn't dream about anyone :) I haven't actually danced around the midsummer's pole for years, usually we just celebrate by meeting up with friends and having a good dinner. This holiday is actually very much about everything that is quintessentially Swedish, like flower wreaths in the hair and red cottages with white trims. The cottages should ideally be located either on the countryside with meadows nearby or in the archipelago near the water. A Swedish beer brand made a tv-commercial many years ago that really sums it all up (except that it's very beer oriented of course), if you search for "Reklamfilm Pripps blå #3" on youtube you will see what I mean :)

This year we spent the holiday with a dear friend of mine and her baby (her husband unfortunately had to work all night so he couldn't be with us). We had a lovely dinner and played lots with her cute baby and I was so proud when I managed to put him to sleep all by myself. I took some shots of the lovely food and dessert that we ate, but none were any good, so I decided to share this one instead. We brought her some mums and these were the "baby mums" that originally grew on the stems, we cut them off and put them in a little vase of their own. It's a lucky thing that my friend and I have already found our dream husbands, seeing as we only managed to scrape together one kind of flower :)

Have a great week my friend!



Hiya Moa!
Happy week 26!

This was an unusually busy week for me. So often I spend the week working on photography and then on household things like painting the kitchen or gardening (as well as working my retail job of course!) that I usually don't find much time to see friends. This week was packed with people however. So much so, that one day I was called into work unexpectedly, and by the time I got home I was so tired I had to cancel on one lovely friend. Luckily, she and I will get together soon to make up for it.

I spent time with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, who came to town and asked me to come along for some shopping. (I'll walk around Ikea anytime!) Next my husband and I got together with a long-lost high school classmate of his, whose wife actually contacted me on Etsy, not knowing that our husbands grew up together. (Small world!) And then I spent one morning with some girl friends and their kids at a playground. Even though I'm the kidless one there, it's really nice to just have the time to chat without it being a big "to-do." And their kids are so funny! (I laugh at things I probably shouldn't, but I can't help it!)

So, on to the postcard. I wanted to either shoot the daisies that are beginning to bloom, or the multitude of snapdragons that I planted over the weekend. But it rained so hard that the thought of the garden put me in a bad mood. Everything is weather beaten and worn. So I thought some of the treats we picked up at the farmers' market would make a great postcard. All the red makes me happy, and they are some of my favorites. Now that I think about it, I could have included some raspberries as well, but they don't last long in this house. We ate them too fast!
Happy halfway through, Moa! It's been a blast, I can't believe we are heading into the 2nd half. So crazy!


  1. Oh, such a delicious photo! Those raspberries look very yummy. I'm actually not much of a cherry person, I think they're very cute to look at and perfect to shoot, but I'm not much for eating them. It might be because we've never really had them in the house when I grew up - I must remember to ask my mom if she also don't like them :)

    I think writing these postcards has been a real blast too! I love thinking about what I want to shoot and what I should tell you about my week :)

  2. Hi Moa! You must mean the strawberries look yummy, since there are no raspberries here. =)

    I didn't eat cherries when I was younger either. My mom did, but I avoided them until only a few years ago.

    I love the story about putting flowers under your pillow. I would have totally done that when I was young! I'll have to check out that video on youtube! =)

  3. Haha, it's just because I'm so obsessed with eating raspberries that I wrote the wrong word :)