Monday, June 7, 2010

Week 23

Hello Shanon!
I hope all is well with you! I've had a busy week with lots of things happening. One day after work I went to a garden center and bought some plants for our balcony. I even bought three tiny strawberry plants that I'm hoping will give some berries, although I have a feeling we'll just have to buy strawberries if we want more than one every now and then :) The most fun thing, however, was my sister's graduation from med-school that took place on Saturday. We actually celebrated her all weekend long and it was very nice. I'm so proud of what she's accomplished! :)

From one thing to another. I had thought about yet another flower shot for this weeks postcard, but then I thought that it might be fun to mix things up a bit. Instead of some pretty lilacs, I shot my new blusher :) I have a favourite brand called Make up Store, a Swedish brand that has stores all over the world (at least I think so). They're a bit pricier than the usual brands like Maybelline and L'Oreal but the quality is often much better too. I used to have a good blusher from Maybelline, but they cancelled my colour so I had to try another one. The colour that I got looked good in the box, but it was hardly visible on the cheek so I had to use lots of it for any effect at all. Last week I got tired of that and walked into a Make up Store to see if they had anything good to offer. The saleswoman helped me find a pretty colour (that was actually very similar to the other one) and the difference was enormous. With this blusher I only have to dab the brush into the blusher and then I get a perfect blush on the cheeks. And since I'm so in love with it I decided to share my discovery :) Also, the colour is called Sugar spice which I think sounds very pretty :)

That's all from me. Hope you have a happy week 23!



Hi Moa!
Happy week 23!
This week I made some cookies that I meant to make over Memorial Weekend, but never found the time to get one of the ingredients. (This always seems to happen to me when I try to make something when we are out of town. I need my own kitchen, I guess!) They are rosemary shortbread cookies. I used rosemary from my own garden, which smells incredible. It's unexpected and makes for a savory cookie, not quite sweet but really good.

The light was interesting when I shot this postcard for you. We had just returned from visiting our friends and their new baby Stella, and I knew I had to get this shot done before I had to run in to work for a few hours. It was a strange and stormy day. The light in this reminds of the big mountainous clouds.

Oh! Not really on the same topic as cookies or clouds, but I have to share this... the little baby was fussy and crying as soon as I started holding her, but after rocking her a short time, she soon fell asleep and even though she was really tiny, I swear I could feel her breathing change into that deep restful in and out. I was so proud of myself! =) It cracks me up that I find this important enough to share in my postcard to you. But doesn't it feel like an accomplishment when something like that happens?

And while I'm being completely random... on Saturday night I walked my first red carpet. LoL I went with my friend to a bash at the hair salon she goes to, and they actually had a red carpet with a photographer. I didn't know that we'd be going to it, so I was so under-dressed. I think I could even hear the photographer delete the photo after she took it! How funny!!! =)
Wishing you a great week with lots of fun random surprises!


  1. I bought a few strawberry plants last year (they've grown and spread far more than I expected) but the darn blackbirds eat them! =(

    Congratulations to your sister!

    I've actually never heard of Make Up Store, but that doesn't say much. I don't know my higher end make up. What I do think is really cool is that there is a big M on the cover. Your initial! Perfect! =)

  2. Haha, I can just picture the slight alarm you might have felt when you discovered there would be photographers at that party. Yikes! I know I would feel uncomfortable - I guess I'm not really a Sex and the city-girl that way, having my picture taken by strangers doesn't make me relaxed :) But it sounds like a fun thing nevertheless, a bit out of the ordinary :)

    Make up Store isn't a super high end brand (at least not here), it's not quite double the price of the other brands I mentioned. I do like the big M on top! :)

    I know exactly what you mean about making fussy babies sleep like... well, little babies I guess :) It makes you feel very proud! :)

  3. Oh, and I forgot to write what I meant to write about your cookies! They look very interesting, I'm sure the rosemary makes them taste very nice. I love the way you've shot them with a little rosemary twig as well :)

  4. Hsve never heard about rosemary shortbread cookies before - sounds delicious though. Must try myself.

    Love your new blusher Moa!

  5. Karin, go easy on the rosemary is my advice. I went with the instructions and it was a little overwhelming. =) I could have maybe done with a little more than half.

  6. I love these two photos together!