Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 15

Hello Shanon!
Happy week 15! Hope you've had a great week and that you've gotten lots of Easter candy :)

I've been on Easter holiday this week so I've enjoyed some free time. The weather has been pretty boring, mainly grey skies, so I haven't been out much. Today, on the other hand, the weather was sunny and lovely. Martin changed the tyres on the car while I painted parts of the glass cabinet and he just wore his t-shirt, it was so warm and springlike :) We've actually been painting the glass cabinet five out of seven days this week and now it's almost finished, I'm so excited about bringing it home and being able to arrange it!

We also decided to paint our smaller dalahorses white. They used to be wooden, but we thought they would look even prettier in white and that they would match the dresser better (the one we found at the recycling centre for free last fall and painted light grey). Do you see something familiar in the background? Yup, that's one of your pretty photos! :) I framed them both and placed them on the dresser in the hallway, and they look so good there :)

Take care and enjoy the flowers in your garden for me too :)



Hello Moa!
Happy Spring to you!
So far not very many of my bulbs have bloomed, but it's definitely been warm and lovely here, so I'm not complaining! =) This is the lone Mount Hood daffodil I've gotten from the garden this spring. I think certain daffodils are not prone to repeat year after year, and Mount Hood must be of that variety. The green leaves all came up from last year, but only one flower has appeared so far. Usually I feel bad about cutting flowers and bringing them inside, but that lone flower looked pretty sad out there by itself and it's lasting quite a long time in a vase, so that's nice. =)
I was really sore this week from my surgery last summer. In two months it will have been a year, so it's crazy to me that I'm still recovering. But then again, it sure was nice to just sit in a lawn chair while Ben dug a new flowerbed yesterday! I did plant a couple containers that flank our front door, and I planted a few small shade plants under a tree, but I tried to go easy. Happily I feel pretty good right now, so it was worth it to be more careful with myself.
I hope you like the dice that are sitting on this dresser, with the daffodil. I think they are sort of pretty to have out. We play this dice game with our close friends, so it reminds me of them. But also, I think there is something hopeful about dice. The whole "roll the dice" saying... =)
Talk to you soon Moa! Have a lovely week!


  1. Moa the horse looks so good in white!
    Shanon that daffodil is so sweet not seen one in
    pure white before.
    I know what you mean about picking them and bringing flowers in but sometimes it feels more ok if you know you'll be taking a good photo of them ;)
    love to you both, Kat

  2. Oh, thanks so much Kat! Hope you're having a great week! Lots of love to you :)