Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 16

Hello Shanon!
I hope April is treating you well :) Here we've had what in Swedish is called "April weather", meaning crazy weather. We've had snow, hail, rain and stormy weather. When I looked out the window a minute ago it was raining a lot but now it stopped again... I love seeing the photos from your garden, it's such a nice substitute until we get some more flowers and grass over here :)

This week has been kind of hectic for me, with lots of things to do. We've finished the glass cabinet and actually bought a livingroom table that we're going to paint. My mom teased me the other day and said it was good that we'd gotten ourselves a car with a big luggage compartment, now that we've started a furniture business :) But we just think it's fun to find furniture that is well made and then fix them up and get pretty pieces for a fraction of the cost compared to buying them new. We also got some help from Martin's dad to put up a new cabinet and new lights in the bathroom, as a little mini-makeover. In all this I had a pretty bouquet that was forgotten on the table, even after it had wilted. But I think there is something so beautiful about wilting flowers so I shot them in the lovely sunlight as my postcard to you this week :)

Hope you'll have a great week!



Hiya Moa!
I hope you had a splendid week! Mine was busy, but fun. On Thursday I went to an event that is held once a month, called W7 Collective, and I knew that it would be so fun to send you a postcard of the Nelle handbags that were there. Aren't they pretty all in a big swoop together? You wouldn't believe how soft the ribbon is on them. They are handmade and are incredibly yummy. I wish I had a reason to buy one, but these days my main concern is a bag I can fit my camera into, not to mention the fact that I never go anywhere fancy! Haha Sounds like date nights need to be reinstated around here! =)
It was actually Minnesota fashion week, so there were fashion shows all around the city. I didn't make it to any, but next year I will! I watch Project Runway, that counts as credentials, right?
I'm looking forward to your postcard! Have a great week ahead!
Your fashionista friend, lol.


  1. Moa, that sounds like the kind of weather WE often have in April! =) I feel for you! This year we had the warmest March on record and April has been like May. I'm loving every second!

    I'm so jealous that you get so much furniture done. I have a cabinet in the garage that's been there for a few years. I stripped all the paint but then couldn't decide what color to stain the wood so I gave up. I'll have to finish it this year. =)

  2. Oh, I love those bags... they look like delicious candy - yum :) Hehe, I don't have any reason to buy a bag like that either. Right now I'm dreaming about a big leather bag that will fit all I need to lug around :)

    The cabinet in your garage sounds like fun! I hope you'll have the time and energy to finish it so we can see it :) I think white is always a classic choice but of course there are other pretty ones too that can be great for a bit of a statement, like robins eggs blue or something :) I hope you find one that you like anyway!

  3. This blog is such a great idea!

    You guys have an award in our blog if you feel like it...