Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 37

Hello Shanon!
How has your week been? This has been another intense week for me. I really hope things will calm down at work because right now I don't have much time or energy for other things.
This week I was at a flower shop to buy some flowers for a person at work. I saw these pretty autumn vegetables (or whatever they are) and couldn't resist buying them. I really like the odd shapes and colours, they cheer up our kitchen table with their presence! :)
Yesterday I took a little trip downtown to buy some yarn, since I'm starting a little knitting project. It's a wide, rectangular shawl that I'm knitting in a black alpaca yarn so it's very soft and cozy. The pattern is a bit unusual since you knit the shawl on the diagonal, in the beginning it's only three stitches and then you increase. My knitting-skills are kind of rusty, but luckily I can call my knitting-crazy sister when I need help :) I think it's going to be very relaxing to focus on the knitting and clear my mind from thoughts about work and other things that can sometimes etch themselves onto my brain. And in the end I'll have a lovely long shawl that I can wrap around myself, which I'm sure will make the long winter more enjoyable :)
See you in week 38!

Hello Moa!
This weekend we drove out to the country for some family stuff. There is so much more gold in the landscape these days from the fields heading towards harvest. We drove past apple orchards which made me crazy-- I wanted to stop and shoot! Or at least stop and eat! Haha

I'm so happy that fall is here. Hot Septembers are no good. I even got to do my favorite thing in the world on Sunday. *sigh* I got to take a nap outside. Heaven. I used to find cozy places on the farm when I was little, where I'd read, daydream, and inevitably take a nap. There's nothing like it. If only it could have lasted longer! I think I could have slept all afternoon.

The funny thing about it was that while I was under an old quilt snoozing, Ben and his family were a few feet away, swimming in the pool for the last time, because soon his parents will empty it and call an end to pool season. Fortunately they weren't rowdy, so it didn't interrupt my sweet dreams. =)

I hope fall is treating you equally as well!



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  1. Oh, it all sounds so cozy. I love orchards, we don't have any up here so they feel very exotic to me :) Sounds like you had a great time napping under that pretty quilt :)