Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 39

Hello Shanon!
How are things over at your end of the globe? :) Over here things are getting more and more autumn-like. We have had rain most of the week but the weekend has been great. Yesterday I visited a friend and we took a lovely long walk alongside a nearby lake. I've only recently discovered that little road by the lake and I'm definitely going to take more walks there as it is so pretty. There are several small cottages along the road and many of them are so picturesque, albeit a bit shabby. I really regretted not bringing my camera yesterday!

Today I had a super relaxed and very nice day. Martin followed his aunt and uncle to pick some funnel chanterelles in the woods but I decided to stay at home. Besides doing some work I knitted half a hat, ate candy and watched Gilmore Girls. Can it get more perfect?

I'm wishing you a great week!



Hello Moa!
I'm having a hard time remembering what happened this last week. But what's new about that! =)
It did rain and rain, and actually parts of Minnesota and neighboring Wisconsin had pretty severe flooding, which is too bad. It's not very common to have fall flooding, that usually happens in the spring, when all the snow is melting into the rivers. You probably know something about that, since we live in somewhat similar climates?
On Saturday Ben's parents came to visit and we went to the grand opening of an art house that is showing some of my photography. It's really a gorgeous little house, wonderful atmosphere, with really great pieces everywhere your eye lands. I think you'd love to see it!
Also, this weekend we decided to surprise our families (Ben's on Saturday before the art house, and mine on Sunday when we had them over for lunch) that I'm actually three months pregnant! It was so hard to finally break the news. Haha I enjoyed having a special secret to myself. It felt weird that I was so nervous to tell people, but I just was, and I talked to a friend that I've known since we were little, and she said she had felt the same way. So, I'm not abnormal! =)
So, there's my news. Pretty crazy huh?! It might also explain why I've not been as good about getting our postcards up bright and early Monday morning. I've been incredible tired and nauseous, but it's starting to get a little better. I wondered when we started this project, if I'd be writing this postcard to you this year. And the day is actually here.
I'm so glad I can share it with my lovely Swedish friend.


  1. Oh, Shanon this is such wonderful news! A super big congratulations to you and Ben!! :) I'm really happy for you guys :)

    After reading that lovely piece of news everything else about your postcard kind of blew away. But after reading through the text once again I can say that I'm loving your photo this week and that it sounds like so much fun to visit that arthouse. But really, everything else pales compared to the great news :) Big hugs to my lovely friend in Minnesota :)

  2. Pretty photos from both of you.
    And Shanon: Hurrah for the pregnancy =)

  3. Thank you so much Moa! =) I wanted to tell you so many times, but I thought it would be special to do it in our postcards once my family knew. =)

    Thank you again so much! xoxo

    And thank you Kjersti!!

  4. Congratulations! I'm going to have a word with Dawne when I see her. I talked to her the day after the grand opening and she didn't tell me! I can't wait until you are taking baby photos. They'll be awesome!!!

  5. wow friend! This is great news for you and Ben!! Congrats to you both and I hope you are starting to feel a little better. No better thing that being a mommy! Love to you this fall!
    Love Jen (w7)