Monday, October 4, 2010

Week 40

Hey there Shanon!
I'm still amazed at your piece of happy news from last week :) I just wanted to say congratulations once again!
The best part of this week was when my mom, her husband and their two cute dogs visited us. They actually surprised me a bit too, because they were supposed to arrive on Friday night but on Thursday night the doorbell rang and there they were. Paranoid as I am I never open the door without looking through the peephole and at first I didn't recognize them, because mom had put on a hat and had the hood of the jacket on. I wondered to myself if it was someone that wanted to sell something, but then my brain clicked into place and I realized who they were :)
We had a lovely time, relaxing and hanging out. They were really tired after working the entire week with cleaning out their summer house that has been sold. My grandpa built that summer house in the 1950's and we've spent a lot of time there during the years but we all live too far away to take care of it properly now. It's kind of sad to think that we don't have it in the family any more, but these kind of melancholic separations are a part of life I guess. My mom kindly gave me some old cups that have been there since way back and that I'm kind of attached to. I'll never use them for drinking coffee but I'll keep them as treasured memories.
I hope you'll have a great week!

Hi dear Moa!
Can you believe that it is week 40? I had to double check. With 13 weeks left (yup, I had to count them, cause I assumed it would automatically be 12), I'm already looking forward to looking back on the year. I've thanked you a dozen times, and I'll thank you a dozen time more for doing this with me. =)

My favorite part of this week was the beginning of the blankets of leaves on the streets and sidewalks. The trees haven't even completely turned, but every day there are more and more leaves to step through, and I love it. In fact, one day, a single red maple leave made it's way all the way up to our top step, and when I opened the door and saw it, I actually said "Oh! Hello!" out loud. I'm quite dorky that way. ; )

This past weekend Ben had a friend and his dad come over to help tear down the walls and ceiling (and tear up the floor) of our basement, because we are redoing it. I felt like a nervous cat listening to all that work under my feet! I tried to keep busy by cooking for them and by heading out to buy tulip bulbs. I meant to plant them, but instead watched some Project Runway, and some other design shows, with my feet propped up. My hormones were working over-drive and anything remotely sad on tv brought on the waterworks! It's almost laughable how quick I can cry these days, and what triggers it. =) Awwwh, pregnancy. ; )

Happy week 40 to you my friend!




  1. Ohhh, that made me really sad to hear that your mom got rid of your grandpa's cabin. =( I always imagined that someday I'd come visit you and we'd go to it. =) But it's definitely one of those places that needs love and attention often, so it will be really nice that another family will be enjoying it and making their memories there.
    I'm happy though, that you got those cups as a keepsake, and that you had such a good with your surprise visitors! =) I don't do well with surprises, even one day early ones. I always have way too many last minute chores to get done. I'd be a mess! haha

  2. Oh, that's right, I've strewn photos of the cabin across the Internet. I didn't even remember that you'd actually "seen" it. It is one of those places that would be lovely to still have in the family, but as you say they do need a lot of TLC... I'm happy I've got so many photos and memories of it though, that feels good.

    Haha, I'm loving that you cried to Project Runway. But if it was that last episode about their own backgrounds and memories and with the moms, I have to admit that I teared up a bit too :)