Monday, October 18, 2010

Week 42

Hi Shanon!
How has your week been? I was home sick from work a couple of days so I've mainly been taking it really easy. I watched a lot of movies and knitted some, which is a nice way to fill out the time when you're not well enough to leave your house.

This week's postcard shows some of the yarn I bought last time I visited our local yarn shop. These three yarn balls are so gorgeous (the photo really doesn't do the colours justice) and incredibly soft. It's a cashmere merino silk yarn and I'm going to use these for a pair of striped fingerless mittens that I'm going to begin knitting after I'm done with my present project which is a hat. I'm so excited, I think they'll be perfect for warming my fingers while I'm reading, knitting or reading blogs during the cold winter :)

Take care and I'll see you in week 43!



Hiya Moa!
I hope things are well with you across the ocean. =)
This past week I was still trying to shake off my cold, and things got better toward the end of the week. Of course I still have the sniffles now, but I'm not going to aim high-- I'll just assume that part might just stay with me all winter.
On Thursday I had a doctor's appointment and Ben got off work early to come with me. He didn't need to, it was just a short blood test, but it was nice to have an afternoon "date" in the middle of the week. We did a little shopping afterward, mostly just perusing an art supplies store and the furniture and home good store called West Elm, which is where I got this owl. At first I was excited and said it was for the baby's room, but now it looks so good on the mantle, that the baby might have to fight me for it. ; )
The owl trend might be nothing new, but I'm so drawn to it lately. There is something kind, and wise, and warm about an owl. And this one is particularly sweet, don't you think?
Can't wait to see your postcard!


  1. I just love when our postcards unknowingly color coordinate! =) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh, that's such a cute owl! I can totally get that you want it out on the mantle :) You know, one of the projects I have in my knitting que is a pair of mittens with an owl on them. That'll actually be my first owl although I have loved the owl trend since it arrived :)