Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 43

Hello there!
I hope you're doing well! I've been really tired and have actually been at home this week, taking care of myself. I've been drinking lots and lots of tea and watched many movies, including some period drama movies that I've never had the time to see before. You know I'm a real Jane Austen-fan and I love period drama - I have many of the movies and mini-series that have been made. However I bought some other period dramas several months ago that I didn't know much about. I spent 5 hours watching a mini-series that ended up being both tragic and a bit boring. That made me promise myself to stick to watching the Austen-movies and mini-series that I have at home, then I know what I'm getting :) Martin always teases me for watching old stuff over and over again rather than seeing new movies. For me it's about the comfort of seeing something that I know will end well. I really dislike movies that end tragically and that just ends up making you feel sad and discomforted :)

I also took some walks this week. The weather has been really nice from time to time and we've also had our first snow this week which has been really cozy. This was from the day before the snow came so there were still some leaves visible. I just loved the warm sunlight here, it's something to remember once the winter comes :)

Have a happy week 43!



Hello friend,
I hope you had a wonderful and cozy week!
My week was stressful because we had some prenatal tests come back worrisome. It threw us into a panic, but I will cut to the chase and say that all ended well and things are great. =) I said all along that it was probably only the first time of a lifetime of moments that this kid will cause us to be stressed, worried, and scared, only for things to turn out okay. Because that's what we do right? We worry our parents sick, while we go about life, finding our way. =)
We also got to see him this week! Yup, a HIM, a BOY! (But you already know that, since I couldn't keep it to myself and have already announced it. haha) It's funny, I kind of thought it was a girl, and one of my friends even remarked that she hadn't given any thought to it being anything other than a girl. We both were faked out! But on the plus side, his birthday will fall during March Madness, which you might remember is a big college basketball thing around our house, so he may enjoy that a little more than a girlie girl would. ; )
So, anyways. My postcard is from some gourds I picked up when we went grocery shopping this weekend. That is a treat, because usually a do it by myself, but Ben came with this time. And I'm just noticing that there are three of them. Three. Soon we'll be that many. That's kinda cool.


  1. Awwwh! I'm sorry you are still feeling sick. If only we could be convalescing together, on cozy couches, watching movies, reading books, and drinking tea. But who would serve us and get us treats? We'll have to think this plan out further. ; )

  2. Oh, I can understand that it must be very stressful if you find out that there is a problem with the pregnancy! I'm happy it turned out ok! And I love that you're having a little boy :) I would feel a bit lost with a little boy, not knowing anything about football etc. but I'm sure you learn as you go along :)

    Oh, I love your convalescing plan, it sounds so cozy! But you're right about that we need someone who will serve us :D

  3. Hi girls, catching up on you here. First of all congratulations Shanon and I'm happy things are good even though you had a stressful situation.

    Moa, I'm sick and home this week too and can really relate both with the movies, mini-series and cups and cups of tea.

    Take care both of you!

  4. Thanks for the sweet words Karin! :)

    Take care and I hope you will get better soon too!

  5. Thanks Karin!
    Feel better! Enjoy some time relaxing and being cozy. =)