Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 38

Howdy girl!
Sunday evening is here and it's been a busy weekend. Yesterday we celebrated Martin's 30th birthday (a couple of days in advance) with a big party at his parents' house. We had a little over 40 guests and lots and lots of food, chocolate cake and guacamole :) Since a lot of our friends have had babies lately we had about five little ones that were crawling around the floor and there were just people everywhere. Martin got a lot of thoughtful gifts and I think the sweetest one was from a guy we know. He had baked two kinds of bread and also some cookies as a gift. One of those breads were a kind that we had gushed about when we ate it at his place over a year ago. I thought it was such a fun and thoughtful gift! Don't you agree that a homemade gift like that feels extra nice to get? :) The photo this week were of some bean packages that we had to leave at the kitchen table since our fridge was so full of all the food for the party :) I really like the design and the colours.

Today we were at another party for a friend who's celebrating his birthday the day before Martin. We ate good food and played with some more babies :) Another thing we did today was that we voted. Today is the big voting day for the Swedish parliament and it'll be very exciting to see the results. We're going to have some more of that homemade bread, tea and maybe some leftover guacamole :)

Have a super week my friend!



Hi Dear Moa!
This week was once again, chilly, and wonderfully fall. I spent some time walking through a garden center (my favorite one actually) and it was peaceful, like a hidden park. The sun came out and it got warmer than I expected. I had considered bring fingerless gloves, but I definitely didn't need them. I think I'm getting ahead of myself with this "chilly" weather.
After checking out all the ornamental bushes that I'm considering putting in one of our flowerbeds (because I think it really needs height and visual interest in the winter... and also, shhhh, don't tell, but I want something less high maintenance!) I headed over to Trader Joe's to get ingredients for upside down mushroom tartlets. Unfortunately, the didn't have 1/2 of the things I needed. (And here's another secret, I rarely EVER go there. But it seems like such a staple in American blogland, that I thought it would be fun to tell you about it.) I left with a few things, plus this candy bar, because the wrapper was pretty! Nice shopping skills, right? =)
I have to laugh, because this story does not have a happy ending. After a LONG day of cleaning out our basement, I made the tarts, and they did not turn out. I think people down the block could hear me cursing Martha Stewart! But Ben, being the good (or I should say "starving") husband, scrapped them out of the pan and ate all 12 of them! They really did smell delicious, but they were not pretty, and if I'm going to go through all that, they better be pretty! =)
See you next week Moa!


  1. Such a great coincidence that we both shot photos of packaging this week :) I love the pink chocolate wrapper!

    Sounds like a lovely visit to the garden center. You always make me long for a garden of my own :)

  2. I thought that was so neat too, that we both shot packaging! =) I think you were the very first person to inspire me to think of food packaging as interesting to shot. You did some cans a long time ago. Remember those? =)